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Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa Movies: 305, Pictures: 2, DVDs: 62

  • Birthday: 1984-03-03
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 161cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 86cm Waist: 58cm Hips 86cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Appreciating music, art museums

Akiho Yoshizawa Recent Videos

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely Asian model enjoys a pussy pokin... Duration: 15:21 0%
Lovely Akiho is a model in the lingerie shop. She has lovely firm tits and a nice tight ass she enjoys showing off when she is modeling her latest from the shop. She comes to the club and models for the group there and gets a lot of orders when she is out showing off how good she looks in these fancy undies. She is going to be well known on these parts when she gets a few more shots in her portfolio. She is going to be a very sexy model and well known for her looks in the future!

Akiho Yushizawa Horny Asian babe gets a three way with ... Duration: 30:28 0%
Akiho is a lovely Asian waitress who enjoys her time with her trios. She enjoys two cocks at a time and likes having hidden cameras there to record all the sexy fun. She is well known and needs only her face to get in to any club in the city for a partying good time. She has a web site she announces her schedule on but she doesn´t put up pictures it is strictly a calendar business. She only sells her videos in her personal appearances because she finds it more personal that way!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian babe enjoys lots of sex Duration: 30:23 0%
Akiho is a lovely young Asian student who enjoys her dorm mates. She will dress in lingerie and invite a couple guys over for some really sexy fun. She is studying massage in the college so she gets to practice her talent too! But before that they have a nice three way sex party! She enjoys the extra activities when she is with her guys in a threesome, she gets tons of cum too before they are done, she is usually fucked hard before she gets out for the night!

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely Asian stewardess enjoys a hard f... Duration: 16:35 0%
Akiho is a pretty stewardess. She is home for a couple weeks so she has invited her boyfruend iver. She hasn´t seen him in some time so they have lots of catching up to do. She will be pretty busy for the next few days with her guy who has been waitng for her to come home. She wil fit in a few trips to the clubs before she has to go back to work and see her other friends while she is home. She has many friends and they are all happy to see her when she comes in to town!

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely Asian teacher likes getting fuck... Duration: 24:52 0%
Akiho is a teacher in the high school. She usually teaches the guys in her class how to avoid the sex problems that teens get. She has taught them about venereal diseases and now she is keeping them after school to leard how to fuck! She enjoys her students to the fullest and keeps the best ones after school to keep her happy while she is teaching them. She likes to tesach them to respect their dates and give them a good hard cock!

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely Asian model is having a good ti... Duration: 13:14 0%
Akiho is a new comer to the club scene. She enjoys partying and setting up the parties we rgularly give here in the private rooms. Her job really doesn´t have a title but she enjoys it. She is great at her job, and participating in some small way in all the shindigs she sets up. The last party was a show of sorts and wound up on the stage in a wet t shirt contest! They all had a great time and there were several winners! Her parties always come up winners no matter where this sexy gal has them.

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian model masturbates before ... Duration: 14:47 0%
Akiho enjoys wearing her schoolgirl uniform from her school days. It makes her look very innocent . She is anything but though! She enjoys getting a good hard cock or even some lengthy masturbation if her guys isn´t available! She has a web site with naughty pictures on it and is working on the video area now. She is also a hostess and runs all the seating and planning for the big bashes the hotel has in it´s conference rooms. She is as popular in her cloths as well as out of them!

Akiho Yozhizawa Hot Asian babe enjoys showing off her b... Duration: 15:29 0%
Akiho Lovely Asian beauty is quick to invite her guy back to her room after an evening of working in the offices. She could use a little recreation after a long day at work. She has her cameras set up and is ready to play for the evening with toys and a hard cock and of course, the web world watching! She spends her days at the offices handling all the complaints so it isn´t an easy job to do and smile while doing it! She deserves her time off and some fun!

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely and sexy Asian waitress enjoys a... Duration: 22:03 0%
Akiho is a lovely Asian model who likes being a waitress in the ice cream shop next to the hotel. It is a busy place and even has a waiter who enjoys her company as well. The two of them sometimes get horny at work and when the business slows down, they head for the back room and a little making out session. It rarely stops there however and they have to hurry up to get dressed and presentable when the front bell rings!

Akiho Yoshizawa Pretty Asian model is getting poked wit... Duration: 11:22 0%
Akiho is a hot Asian model who enjoys her job a lot. She models new styles for corsets and sometimes lingerie when the shop gets it in. She likes dressing in her sexiest and newest clothes to show them off and do a little advertising for the shop she works for. She loves to party so she is always in the clubs with her stuff and she gets lots of customers who want to order for their own girlfriends and wives. She is going to go a long way when she sets up her own shop soon!

Akiho Yoshizawa Hot Asian babe enjoys a hard fucking Duration: 26:58 0%
This naughty couple are having some fun in a friend´s dorm room. He was very happy to let them use his place because her room mate was home. This hot Asian student is making out with her boyfriend in his friend´s place not knowing he will see everything they are doing. He is studying to be a cop and has bugged the place just to see if he could do it! He never expected to be able to give his stuff suck a thorough testing! He got some hot sex as part of the bargain!

Akiho Yoshizawa Japanese doll gets a hot cum facial Duration: 25:50 0%
Here is a new video from an anonymous student. He hid a camera and had a threesome with this hot little Asian student. He hid a camera in the dorm room before she came in with her guy who happened to be a friend of his. They set her up for some fun during the break over the weekend and he got plenty of footage for his page and to pass around to his closest friends too. She has a nice shape and is having a lot of fun with these guys for the weekend. I wonder what she will think when she finds out he had a camera hidden!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian model masturbates with a dildo Duration: 15:08 0%
This hot Asian model has a knack for masturbation. She enjoys making films and having her little demonstrations at the adult toy shop up the street from the club. Lots of the college guys go to watch her with the newest toys she has. Lots of times she sells ou the new toys when they see her showing what you can do with them! She is good at showing off her hot body while she is playing with the new toys and she does it with a smile too! Her boyfriend isn´t too happy about others seeing her but he sure likes all the money she gets!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll is covered in oil and sucks ... Duration: 15:20 0%
A friend brought me this video last night and said to check it out. I brought it home and made myself comfy with a drink and put it on. This hot Asian model was with her boyfriend and they were making out. Ok, so no biggie there. She was on top of him and picked up some oil and covered herself and him in it and they proceeded to have some very slippery sex! She stopped and decided to suck him off once she was satisfied with riding his cock. It was an interesting film for sure!

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely Asian babe gets her hairy pussy ... Duration: 22:08 0%
Naughty Akiho is a waitress in the college cafeteria. She is there studying cooking so she can be a professional chef when she graduates from school. When she has time off she likes to party with her boyfriend and make movies just for the fun of it! She sells them too, but also keeps some to show at parties if they are really good. She makes plenty of money from the sales to keep herself in school and her parents think she is a maid for her extra income. I think the will be pretty shocked when they learn otherwise!

Akiho Yoshizawa Japanese model enjoys hot hard se parti... Duration: 27:47 0%
Akiho is a party gal! She is an Asian model who is trying to break into the industry with her amateur films. She has made a few but none like this one with more than one guy. She is having a wild sex party and filming it all to bring to the sirector she knows. He is a regular in the club so as a hostess, she sees him a lot. She has a wild time with her guys and winds up exausted from fucking and sucking for hours to make the film. It turned out the way she wanted it to so now all she needs to do is get it to the director to see!

Akiho Yoshizawa Bad Asian chick gets pounded in jail Duration: 25:35 0%
Akiho got a little wild last night and got into a fight with the hotel owner´s daughter. They really ripped up the club while throwing each othr around, so he got pissed and called the cops. Both girls were hauled off , but his daughter made bail and Akiho had to stay the night. She was accidentally put in a cell with some guys and they took full advantage of the situation and fucked her hard with dildos and got her to suck cock and ride cock for most of the night!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian bondage queen shows off her tight... Duration: 18:04 0%
Naughty Akiho is a model for the shop her cousin runs in the mall. She likes all the Asian treats that her shop has and she likes making videos for it too. She has a secret room in the candy shop that the videos go to for sale. You have to know wat to ask for when you go in otherwise all you get is candy! It is an odd set up but at the same time fun to know there is a candy shop with a real sweet secret! Akiho enjoys making bondage videos with her guys and ther favorite toys for the shop!

Akiho Yoshizawa Sexy Asian model shows off with her fav... Duration: 10:26 0%
Lovely Asian model Akiho is making a tape for her web site. She is hot in her black lingerie that shows off her tits nicely. She is playing with a dildo like it was a real cock and she is sucking on it! She is making this video for a promo for her portfolio that she uses when she applies for jobs. She likes porn and is trying to get into the business. She will go far when she is finally discovered. Until then she will sell her stuff on the web and the shop her cousin has in the mall!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian nurse enjoys fucking with... Duration: 28:44 0%
Wild nurse Akiho enjoys her job in the hospital. She likes to play with the patients that are in the hospital. She is great at hand work, and jerking off a hard cock! She enjoys cock sucking, and face sitting, when her patients are up to it that is. She has turned ass licking into a sport around the hospital and she is getting more popular all the time. She has a stable of young willing studs who are all up to some cock riding fun!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll is getting her hot pussy pou... Duration: 15:00 0%
Akiho is a hot Asian model who enjoys kinky sex. She likes getting ,and feeling helpless as her guys tease her hairy pussy, and have some fun with pussy licking.They are kissing her and giving her tongue which is exciting for all of them! When her pussy is nice and wet, one of the guys gets the vibrator out and they play in her pussy with it before getting out the dildo and using it in her now wet ready hairy pussy for a fucking she will enjoy.

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll gets a real hard rear fuckin... Duration: 33:37 0%
Akiho is a lovely Asian doll who is enjoying her bedroom and her boyfriend. He likes kissing her, and playing with her perfect tits and licking her hairy pussy. They will do position 69 too when they are working up to getting a fuck. He enjoys her body and her smooth skin and wet pussy! They are getting excited and he is going to give her a doggy style fucking.

Akhio Yoshizawa Asian schoolgirl gets a hard fucking Duration: 31:36 0%
Lovely Asian student is staying after school for some studying. She meets up with another student who is there for the same thing. They are both horny and during a break are making out ands he is playing with her hairy pussy. She is enjoying this and sucks his cock when she can get her hot mouth on his stiff dick. She is good at headjobs. When she is through with his cock he gets her on top and giver her a deep penetrating pussy fucking!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll has lovely tits Duration: 32:47 0%
sHot Asian model is sitting in the waiting room on the sofa. She is waiting for her boss to come in. He shows up and wants to test her for a movie by fucking her. He wastes no time in playing with her firm tits and getting her nipples hard. He takes off her pink panty for better access to her hairy pussy so he can play with a dildo in her wet hole. He plays with her hairy pussy and uses the dildo in her wet hole, and when she cant take any more he mountsd her ahd fuckd her good and hard in many positions!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll gets a real hard fucking in ... Duration: 27:22 0%
Lovely Akiho has a friend over. He is napping when she comes in and surprises him. She gets her pussy licked while she sucks his cock. they are having a good time in her bedroom as he is now mounting her for a fucking. They take turns on positions and she gets a hard cock ride burying his dick deep in her wet pussy. When she gets off him, she sucks more cock and gets a cum facial!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll gets a real hard fucking whe... Duration: 32:56 0%
Akiho is a secretary in the school. Her friend comes in to her office when she is looking up something on her computer. He is only interested in her pussy though. They are kissing and he licks her big titties before showing her hairy pussy and fingering it to get it wet and slick. He fucks her doggy style and gets a very deep penetrating fuck.

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian doll gets a real hard fucking Duration: 25:10 0%
Akiho is on her way to the infirmary. She is followed by a male student who follows her right on to the bed! She wanted to lie down but he isn´t going to let her. He has other things on his mind. He pulls off her clothes so he can play with her hairy pussy, fingering it to get it nice and wet before he does some pussy licking. Another of his friends is in the room and he wants a blowjob, she sucks his cock and gets a mouthful of cum before they decide to have a group fuck!

Akiho Yoshizawa Horny female teacher enjoys fucking wit... Duration: 31:40 0%
Akiho is a teacher in the school. She was going back to her classroom after school when she was surprised by someone she knew from the library. He only had sex on his mind and took her clothes off showing her hairy pussybefore he stopped to finger it. SHe was trying to get him to stop fingering, her pussy so they could leave to go someplace else but he wouldn´t hear it. She decided to give him a headjob,and suck his cock nice and hard but once she was done with that, he grabbed her for a rear fuck before he left her nude on the floor!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian model enjoys being fucked... Duration: 21:12 0%
Naughty Akiho is a hot Asian doll who enjoys a good cock ride. She has a nice hairy pussy that her guy appreciates and plays with before she gets on for a hard cock ride. She plays withhis cock after a fucking and gets a load of cum in her hands!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian model in sexy stockings e... Duration: 27:45 0%
Akiho is a lovely Asian teen who enjoys cock riding and getting her tits fucked when she is with her guy. She is good at cock sucking and she enjoys lots of tit squeezing too when she is making out and getting ready for a fucking. She is an adventerous gal who will go along with lots of kinky things!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian housewife who enjoys suck... Duration: 11:43 0%
Akiho is a nice Japanese housewife who enjoys entertaining her husband. She is a busty gal who enjoys deep throating her guy and keeping him happy with her nice tits. She really enjoys sucking cock and she is very good at it too! She is a kinky gal who enjoys getting cum in her mouth!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian model enjoys rubbing her ... Duration: 14:54 0%
Akiho is a nice teen who enjoys lots of pussy stimulation, she has her own sex toys that she uses for her personal fun. She likes showing off her big boobs, and that nice asss he has when she is playing with herself and getting her sexy pixctures taken!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian model is tied up and fuck... Duration: 27:29 0%
Akiho is hot in her mini skirt. She enjoys some bondage, and being tied up for fun and fucking. She gets her nipples tweaked, and her hairy pussy fingered along with some pussy licking. She has two cocks for a double blowjob, and lots of hardcore sex action with her two horny dates!

Akiho Yoshizawa Naughty Asian doll is tied up and gets ... Duration: 22:53 0%
Akiho is a lovely Asian model who is tied up for some sex fun. She has a nice set of big tits that show off in her hot lingerie. Her guy is playing with her tits and her hairy pussy he is having fun with her vibrator and fingering her pussy before he uses it on her while she is to the chair he has put her in!

Akiho Yoshizawa Sexy Asian doll likes a hot fucking Duration: 39:26 0%
This hot Asian milf is enjoying a hot fucking. She is hot in her sexy stockings and enjoys kissing and licking his dick, as well as playing with it with her tiny foot. She gets him hard and then gets ahis cock in her mouth for a nice sucking. He licks her cunt to turn her on and get her wet before she goes for a dick ride and gets a load of cum in her tight cunt!

Akiho Yoshizawa gives amazing blowjobs Duration: 32:48 0%
Akiho is a lovely Asian doll who really knows how to suck a cock! Her boyfriend enjoys her talented mouth when she slides it up and down the shaft of his cock and licks the head of it until he can´t wait and he cums on her face as she is swallowing it. She wears her sexy lingerie for him so he is really turned on when he thinks of her and her sperm eating talents.

Akiho Yoshizawa Lovely Asian model shows off her hot as... Duration: 25:44 0%
Akiho is a lovely office worker who enjoys sex in the office on breaks She and her co worker are kissing and moving on to pussy fingering which she enjoys a lot. She enjoys a deep penetrating rear fucking and she sucks cock. Her guy blows his load and she has a load of cum for swallowing!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian hottie gets a faceful of cum Duration: 12:19 0%
Akiho is a hot gal who enjoys oral sex a lot, especially when she has a cock to suck! Her guy enjoys playing with her wet pussy too. She stops and gives him a handjob and sucks and licks his balls he is ready to cum and he lets her load go on her face!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian hottie gets a hard fucking Duration: 31:06 0%
Akiho is a hot milf in a sexy dress. She gets into a wild group fuck and a double blowjob to her guys. She gets lots of fingering in her hairy pussy. One of the guys has some sex toys he uses on her pussy to get her good and hot. then the fun starts and she gets fucked in a dick ride and takes a load of cum in her face!

Akiho Yoshizawa Asian hottie gets her pussy fondled Duration: 49:02 0%
This naughty Asian schoolgirl is waiting for her boyfriend in the office. She is thinking about him and playing with her hairy pussy she is fingering it and she is getting wet. He finally shows up and they are making out and he takes over the pussy stimulation. She sucks his cock and is using her tongue to make him cum so she can swallow his sperm!

Akiho Yoshizawa Recent Pictures

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