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Maria is a lovely long haired Asian doll with a beautiful face and body. She is a student who works part time in the office of the administrator. She likes wearing tight clothes so she can show off her lovely tight butt and firm round boobs. She gets lots of attention when she is playing secretary! She is also a party girl on the weekends and enjoys herself with her dates every weekend. She really dresses up for the clubs. Her boyfriends fight over her when she is there and she wants to dance.. She is a sly one and usually sneaks out with one guy before things get too excited in the club. After all, she doesn´t want the guys really fighting over her, even if it is a novel idea! She does enjoy the amateur nights here , and will sometimes compete in the contests we have like wet t shirts. That one is usually her best contest and she wins almost every time. She is really good at the pole dancing too and has a very sexy routine she does. But she only does that for the attention and the dates she gets!

  • Birthday: 1986-01-08
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 162cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 88cm Waist: 58cm Hips 86cm
  • Hometown: Hokkaido
  • Hobbies: Guitar

Maria Ozawa Recent Videos

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian model gets fucked in the bath... Duration: 36:10 75%
This Asian hottie works in the flower shop in the mall. She also lives across the courtyard from me in the condo complex. She is a lovely gal who doesn´t kniow how to shut her curtains! It has become habit at night to sit on the porch and watch her as she entertains her boyfriend! It is interesting to watch what she does in her bathroom! I am thinking I should get a long distance lens and catch some of this hot sex on camera just for the fun of it, and then send her a thank you note!

Sexy Maria Ozawa is a busty chick who loves a good dick... Duration: 47:58 78%
Maria Ozawa has one sexy body. She´s a busty hot milf who looks like a teen, and she has some beautiful nipples and the perfect Asian face. So as you can see she is pretty much the perfect babe for the ultimate sex experience. And here you will see the whole thing POV style, starting with a kinky foreplay he touches her body from her tits to her hairy pussy and then she gets some fingering followed up by a great cock sucking, dick riding and the whole entire package!

Maria Ozawa Lovely Asian model in a white bathing suit ... Duration: 24:48 65%
Maria Ozawa is a hot Asian milf who is also a model. She is getting a massage and enjoying the oil on her body. She is fongering her tits and playing with her nipples while her guy is fingering her slit and rubbing her pussy. She enjoys getting her pussy stimulated through her swimsuit! Maria Ozawa is popular with her hot pussy!

Gorgeous Maria Ozawa Gets On Her Knees To Give Head Duration: 09:07 83%
If you haven´t seen the beauty that is Maria Ozawa giving head, this is the perfect video for you. You can tell that she loves to wrap her lips around a cock, looking up at him with those gorgeous eyes while she licks it tip to base. Her good blowjob work is rewarded when she sucks and strokes him until he´s shooting streams of cum in her mouth.

Maria Ozawa Naughty babe And Friend Get A Bondage Gang ... Duration: 29:52 90%
This video is a definite must have! I saw a preview of these two horny Asian babes and their guys as they were tied up and fucked hard in lots of different positions! The girls are into the gangbangs and threw the bondage in for the fun of it. The two girls starring in this very sexy show are waitresses here on the weekends. Now when they come in to work they get plenty of offers for dates after work!

MariA Ozawa Lovely Asian model shows off her lovely wet... Duration: 41:47 90%
Maria is a lingerie model in the shop in the mall. She likes showing off her newest things by wearing them to the club on amateur night. The guys all get quite a kick out of her talents and enjoy her shows. She will get a few interested parties for a late night private party when she is in the mood for some real fun. Then they all go back to her place and really get some hot footage shot on her hidden cameras! She is sneaky and has the cams in all the right places for a fun and inventive experience!

Maria Ozawa and Naomi Serizawa Asian models get fucked ... Duration: 17:11 90%
Asian lesbians are having some fun in between sets at work. They work in the casino and enjoy some time in the dressing room before they change costumes to the next act on stage. The room has security cameras so their clothes aren´t stolen between sets but they forgot about this little benefit. The guards are having a good time watching the action in the room and will most likely keep this tape for their private stash for their parties!

Maria Ozawa Asian model gets a hard fucking Duration: 45:01 89%
Maria is a hot chick who lives next door to the college. She likes the action she gets from the young horny guys! She comes to the club on weekends and never leaves by herself. She has the reputation of being a hot babe when she dates and the guys all want to give her a shot. But, she is picky when it comes to dating and only likes the younger guys. She says they are a lot more fun than the over 20 crowd because they have lots of hot ideas to play with!

MAria and Yuka Osawa Asian dolls playing with each othe... Duration: 39:08 89%
Pretty Asian dolls are having lesbian fun with each other. Playing in each other´s pussies , licking each other in position 69, These busty gals are kissing each other all over their slick bodies. They are playing with oil and smoothing it all over their nice asses and perfect tits. They enjoy their bodies when they are alone. These hot busty lesbians are hot for each other and enjoy sex a lot!

Cute teacher Maria Ozawa gets cumshot from students Duration: 24:05 80%
Take a look at this school babe teacher in white stockings Maria Ozawa, she is looking so fucking cute as a school teacher and her students cant resist but make out with her during class. Here you will see this hairy pussy babe giving a sensational double blowjob where she receives cum in mouth and then she continues with deep throat and fucks these guys silly. You will see the enjoying some really heavy doggy-style action so check it out.

Maria Ozawa Asian Hottie Gets Her Lovely Perfect Body ... Duration: 33:40 80%
Maria is a lovely Asian doll who runs the store in the mall for specialty toys. She is popular when she is out on her nights off and out to party herself. She comes to the club and gets pretty rowdy when she has had a few drinks. She hasplenty of fun when she has a guy or two to keep her company during the night, and she usually takes them home with her and they don´t go home until the night is over. She dresses hot with her lacy lingerie and her guys usually unwrap her like a horny gift that they will have to play with for the night once they are home from the clubs and the sexy fun starts! She is an energetic gal who can go all night with the right inspiration! She has a hot set of tits and a lovely tight body made for all night fun!

Maria Ozawa Enjoys Her Fuck Sessions With Two Black Guy... Duration: 34:38 88%
Naughty Japanese model is into interracial fucking Her favorite party guy is big and black! She will take them on two at a time just so she has another ready to go when she finishes off the first guy. She has had lots of guys and she has a definite preference when she is out and about looking for a hard fucking. I don??t know many girls who are like her, she is the bomb

Maria Ozawa Hot Japanese model enjoys showing her hairy... Duration: 41:00 78%
Maria is an Asian model in the mall for the hot clothing store that just opened. She wanted the lingerie shop but there are no openings at the moment for her. SHe is also a college student studying in the medical field. MAria is a busy gal who enjoys her time off with her guy at every chance she gets. They have a nice apartment in the city that they have outfitted with cameras and they make films for his internet site all the time. She has a perfect body and enjoys showing it off!

Maria Ozawa and Yuki Osawa Asian dolls playing with the... Duration: 42:20 100%
MAria and Ymi are naughty Asian lesbians! They are playing with bondage and Maria is tied up with her legs spread so her partner can do what ever she wants to do to her hot pussy. She gets out her strap on and uses it like a real cock, she gets her tied friend to lick it before she stops to play with her tied up pussy and gives her a hard fucking with the strap on cock.

Goddess Maria Ozawa solo masturbation Duration: 12:40 78%
Check out this hot milf Maria Ozawa, Im sure that you have seen this horny babe sucking cock like crazy and receiving lots of bukkake action but here you will see this hottie as a solo girl and you will see her in her sexy lingerie getting extremely excited in front of the cameras. You will see this sexy hairy pussy babe messing around with her sexy toys with the hottest masturbation session that you will ever witness in your life.

Maria Ozawa´s Tight Pussy Milks Him Dry For A Crea... Duration: 21:05 78%
With how good it feels to be inside of Maria Ozawa, it must feel that much better for her to tell you to not pull out when you cum, and to cream that pussy. Her body is amazing when he climbs on top of him for a 69, and lays down to have him spread her legs and slide inside of her. You can even see the cum ooze out of her freshly fucked hole.

Maria Ozawa dressed like an office babe sucks cock for ... Duration: 19:26 86%
Maria Ozawa has one of the mos beautiful faces on Japanese porn. She has a cute innocent face perfect to put your cock in her delicate mouth, but this girls is not innocent or shy, so if she see a cock she will jump over it in just a second. Like this time as a hot teacher wearing sexy glasses, this babe gives a lesson of cock sucking and body licking. She does some hand work too and to complete her perfect job she gets a nice cumshot.

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian model enjoys outdoor fucking Duration: 25:46 100%
Maria is a lovely Asian babe who happens to have a boyfriend with a yacht! They spend lots of time on the water where they make out, and she gets her pussy fingered and her big boobs worshipped. Her guy is into cunt licking, and getting a boob fuck, before she goes down on him for some cock sucking, and dick riding. He will go for a rear fuck too and getting loads of cum on her pretty face!

Maria Ozawa Sexy Asian doll enjoys fucking Duration: 27:35 56%
Maria is a hot Asian doll who enjoys getting a fucking when she visits her boyfriend in jail. They have a good time kissing before he fingers her hot pussy and licks it. He plays with her big tits and she gives him a hot blowjob before she jumps on and rides his cock.

Maria Ozawa Asian Model Is All Tied Up For Fucking Duration: 18:56 80%
Naughty Maria has her ads all over town for her unusual talents. She is a bondage babe when she isn??t teaching school! She enjoys the tougher side of sex and getting others to participate in her little fun and games. It all gets posted on the web and goes out in videos. The guys usually are masked so they aren??t recognized. After all we wouldnt want a wife to see her husband!

Hot Teen With Big Tits Shows Off Her Sex Duration: 40:14 80%
Maria is definitely the prettiest Asian model I have seen in a long time. She has thich dark hair and a face that just says fuck me when she looks at you! She is a little kinky and enjoys having her anus penetrated with toys. These shows always wond up on her cable show or on her web sites and they guys can´t wait for new adventures! She could really be a star if she went into the industry!

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian babe Shows Her Big Tits And H... Duration: 24:44 100%
This Asian fuck doll enjoys showing off her hot assets. She has a nice big set of tits that she is proud of and her guys like the way they jiggle when she is fucking. She gets her wet pussy poked hard too as she is getting her video made and the close shots are really great. Especially the clevage and pussy hair, imagining the stuff she is getting done to that hot body is a real rush!

Maria Ozawa Asian model fucks two guys and sucks cock Duration: 39:34 100%
Maria Ozawa is a lovely Asian babe. She is sexy in her latex lingerie and her guy has her tied up for some bondage fun! She is busty and gets her tits licked and fondled before he spreads her legs and licks her pussy and fingers it before using her vibrator on her wet slit. She is giving a double blow job and the guys are enjoying it a lot. Maria Ozawa is enjoying the hardcore fun and the creamed pussy!

Maria Ozawa Asian model is a hot beautiful lesbian Duration: 13:49 100%
Maria Ozawa is a pretty Asian model who is also a lesbian! She is sexy in her lingerie and she has a busty form her girlfriend enjoys tweaking and kissing, she and her girlfriend are petting each other na dsucking a dildo like a cock! She gets a strap on to use and they spend the day fucking each other with their pussy toys and the strap on. Maria Ozawa enjoys her lesbian friend and sex!

Sexy Maria Ozawa gets her pussy licked and blows a cock... Duration: 17:42 67%
Maria Ozawa looks stunning in a school uniform and an upskirt and this time she doesn´t get penetrated, she goes for some oral action, giving and receiving!. She gets a nice cunt licking all over her pretty hairy pussy, and you can see it with a really nice close up that shows her clit perfectly. After that she gives a great cock sucking with some handwork too just to finish things up getting a warm and big cumshot in her hands.

Horny Asian Models Get Their Pussies Played With Duration: 11:10 60%
This is a shot of my brother??s last party. He had a couple hot Asian Models over and things got pretty rowdy as the evening went on. It was a foursome that really knows the meqning of group sex. They had some nice dildos to try out on the girls as they squirmed and giggled to get out of reach of the dildos. They had preferred the real thing! This is a bit too rich for my , I think I will turn down his next invite.

Maria Ozawa Hot Asian Chick In A Blue Dress Is GEtting ... Duration: 44:57 60%
Naughty Maria is one hot Japanese ! She is teasing her guy with that tight blue mini dress on. She moves like a stripper and slowly unzips the dress to show off her tits before taking it off and giving him her hairy wet pussy. She is ready to go and he wastes no time in playing with her pussy and fingering her wet hole. He enjoys sticking his tongue in her wet slit too before he decides to fuck her. He has the web cams running so he knows her new sex shots will be up on the web when he develops them. She is definitely going to be much more than a waitress!

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian chick masturbates in the bath... Duration: 08:45 100%
Naughty Maria was caught on the security cameras where she works. She is a secretary for the film company in the studio next door and while working late one night, she decided to have some fun in the bathroom. She likes to masturbate at work when things get tense, it helps her concentrate. Then she goes to the clubs and has a good time with the guys there. She gets lots of ideas for the studio from the guys and their ideas for sex on the screen!

Maria Ozawa Asian model is enjoying a good time with tw... Duration: 35:55 75%
Maria is a hot Asian chick who really enjoys sex. She invites a couple guys over for a threesome and they all have a good time with her big boobs and hairy willing pussy. She gets two cocks to suck while they are playing with her tits and wet slit. She sucks both cocks and the guys are more than ready for a fucking hen she is through. They spend all night fucking and sucking. She ends exausted, and covered in cum!

Maria Ozawa Asian model with hot girls Duration: 10:52 100%
Maria Ozawa is a sexy lesbian who is a hot MILF is getting her oiled body petted in her sexy lingerie. She is enjoying ass licking and enjoying her girlfriends busty form as they are fondling each other and enjoying their wet pussies as they massage each others sexy bodies in the bedroom! Maria Ozawa is having lots of fun with her girl!

Maria Ozawa super sexy Asian model Duration: 25:45 75%
Nasty Asian MILF Maria is giving a customer a massage at the spa. She works over his hard body relaxing his muscles right down to his toes. After the great massage that she gives him his cock becomes rock hard and demands her attention. She turns her attention to his hard prick and sucks on it briefly before climbing on board for a ride on the sausage express. He cant help himself he explodes his cock all over her face.

Flexible Maria Ozawa in swimsuit fucks two dudes Duration: 44:49 75%
Take a look at this hot sporty girl Maria Ozawa, she is looking fucking unbelievable in her swimsuit with her big boobs poking out. Here you will see this babe letting her instructor feel out her hot body and giving her pussy licking and fingering her hairy pussy like there is no tomorrow. After this babe finishes getting eaten out, she pays the guy back with some seriously hot cock sucking and then she gets it doggy-style and receives cum in mouth and on her tits.

Nasty BD/sM Action with Mistress Maria Ozawa Duration: 23:17 75%
Mistress Maria Ozawa knows how to abuse a worshipping male submissive. She looks fantastic in her purple ruffles and her man worships at her feet adoring her body. When she is ready she strips him naked and begins to play with his ass. She shoves him full with small vibrators and jerks on his cock to make sure she has full attention. He was such a good submissive male that she gives him a blowjob for his hard work and allows him to cum hard for her.

Maria Ozawa wild nurse hardcore action! Duration: 25:09 75%
Just imagine waking up from an operation in the hospital and having Maria Ozawa as your wild nurse in some super sexy lingerie! That is exactly what youll be seeing right here, this babe wastes no time at all with some hand work and cock sucking that will blow you away. In this action you will see this busty babe facesitting and getting cun licking that leads up to hardcore action with dick riding and lots more!

Japanese sex queen Maria Ozawa POV blowjob Duration: 16:26 100%
If you dont know who Maria Ozawa is, you must be living in a rock as she is the sexiest amateur hot milf out there and here you will see this sexy busty in some really hot pov action. She is looking as hot as ever in her sexy lingerie and you will se this busty babe doing what she is well known for with some serious cock sucking that leads up to dick riding and all sorts of hot action that will blow you away.

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian Model Is Getting A Good Fucki... Duration: 34:30 67%
This little lady is a lovely teen model who enjoys showing off her nice tits and her passion for group masturbation. She has a nice set of big tits she shows off under that teeny bikini and she is very proud of. She is a beach bunny who simply enjoys showing off some of her very hot sexy body with a smile as she is masturbating on the beach. ! She is a cutie who will be at home on the beach or in a bed!

Maria Ozawa Proudly Shows Her Bit Perfect Tits Duration: 08:59 100%
This hot Asian sex junkie is reaping the benefits of her daytime job. She is an adult model in the toy store and brings home things for her boyfriend to try out on her horny pussy. She is always up for some fun and games and these toys fit the bill nicely. It is good she has a web cam so everyone else can check out the fun too! With her looks she could really do well in the entertainment field!

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian babe Gives Her Friend An Ass ... Duration: 11:26 100%
Maria is a waitress in the place across the street from the hotel. She enjoys her job and sometimes the customers too. One of our night watchmen came in with a video of a night he went out with her. They went to a pool party and got all kinds of loaded. SHe got really kinky and wanted to lick his ass because she was dared to! Of course he was more than happy to oblige!

Maria Ozawa Naughty babe Is Getting Her Perfect Ass Pok... Duration: 25:43 100%
This naughty babe??s video made it??s way to our screening room thanks to a sneaky friend of hers. She is a waitress here in the club and is very popular for her low cut shirts that show off her big tits. That is until this video hit the screen! Now everyone here knows that she has a hot ass she likes to get played with on her days off! Now she is more popular than she ever has been with all the propositions she is getting!

Maria Ozawa Hot Asian babe Bounces Her Big Tits While F... Duration: 42:32 100%
Lovely Asian babe enjoys having fun in her shower. She has a huge bathroom and her cameras are in there as well. She enjoys the water and showing off as well so it works great for her and her unsuspecting male visitors! She got the idea at work one evening when she was waitressing in the club. There was a stripper on the stage and she was bathing in a glass tub with bubbles and Maria thought it would make an interesting scene for some fun sex that she could tape and use on the internet. She bugged the bathroom in her house and had it made very big so she could "entertain" in the bath! She is becoming quite popular for her little idea and her nights are booked solid!

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