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Maria is a lovely long haired Asian doll with a beautiful face and body. She is a student who works part time in the office of the administrator. She likes wearing tight clothes so she can show off her lovely tight butt and firm round boobs. She gets lots of attention when she is playing secretary! She is also a party girl on the weekends and enjoys herself with her dates every weekend. She really dresses up for the clubs. Her boyfriends fight over her when she is there and she wants to dance.. She is a sly one and usually sneaks out with one guy before things get too excited in the club. After all, she doesn´t want the guys really fighting over her, even if it is a novel idea! She does enjoy the amateur nights here , and will sometimes compete in the contests we have like wet t shirts. That one is usually her best contest and she wins almost every time. She is really good at the pole dancing too and has a very sexy routine she does. But she only does that for the attention and the dates she gets!

  • Birthday: 1986-01-08
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 162cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 88cm Waist: 58cm Hips 86cm
  • Hometown: Hokkaido
  • Hobbies: Guitar

Maria Ozawa Recent Videos

Maria Ozawa Lovely Japanese model is a lesbian Duration: 03:33 100%
Maria Ozawa is a hot MILF who is a sexy lesbian in lingerie. She is a busty gal who enjoys strap on action and sucking a dildo whole bathing with her girlfriend. They are enjoying their time in the bath with their sex toys! Maria Ozawa is a lovely MILF who enjoys showing off her body in the bath tub!

Maria Ozawa Asian MILF gives a hot blowjob Duration: 10:42 100%
Maria Ozawa is a hot Asian MILF in a sexy dress! She is with her boyfriend and she inserts his cock into her experienced mouth for a deep throat blowjob! He wants a boob fuck between her big tits and she holds them together so he can fuck them hard and cum on her big boobs! Maria Ozawa is a talented and pretty MILF!

Maria Ozawa is a hot Asian MILF with a cute pussy Duration: 13:33 100%
Maria Ozawa is a hot Asian MILF with a busty form and a hot oiled body. She enjoys petting and lots of pussy stimulation before she takes his cock in her mouth and deep throats his cock to get a load of cum in her mouth! She enjoys all the sexy fun she has when her boyfriend comes to visit her!

Maria Ozawa Asian model is fucked hard in the office Duration: 33:36 100%
Maria Ozawa is a hot MILF who is also a sexy teacher. She likes to get her younger boyfriend into her room for some sexy fun after school. She is a busty and lovely gal who is excellent at headfucking her guy and deep throating his prick while she gets fingered. She is up for a rear fucking after she sucks his cock! She has another guy in with them and he inserts his cock in her mouth and she gags after getting a load of cum in her mouth! She gets a hard fucking while she is recovering from gagging! Maria Ozawa is a sexy teacher who was taught a lesson!

Horny Secretary Maria Ozawa Duration: 19:06 100%
When Maria took on a new job as an office worker she isnt sure what to expect. Everyone is nice to her however, so she relaxes and begins to enjoy her new job. When her boss sees her he gets hard wood right away and talks her into going into the back room with him. In the locker room he takes no prisoners he grabs her and shoves his cock deep into her mouth. He fills her mouth with meat and cum and then takes pictures of her for his private collection.

Maria Ozawa sucking dick in her sexy nurse uniform Duration: 26:33 100%
Every mans dream would be to have a hot milf with a beautiful face as a nurse like this busty hottie Maria Ozawa. Here you will see this babe curing a patience in a bedroom in every sort of filthy way by spreading her nice ass all over the place, tit squeezing and kissing him as she gives some handwork on his cock. This hottie has fucked so many guys and you can tell as she is a pro at cock sucking and loves dick riding where she ends up with cum on tits.

hot Milf Maria Ozawa Fucked Hard Duration: 25:45 100%
Horny Asian MiLF Maria Ozawa loves to have her slick wet pussy pounded by hard wood and she is in luck today. Her boyfriend knows how much she loves to fuck and enjoys giving her what she needs and craves. He starts by giving her a kiss and fondling her huge tits. She moans and he knows her pussy is getting soaked and ready for his prick. He doesnt indulge her yet, he moves down to stick his tongue in her slick pink hole making her moan loudly. Hearing her moan he shoves his fuck stick in her mouth shutting her up and giving her something to eat. HE finally gives her what she wants and pounds her pussy hard until he explodes his thick man goo deep inside her slick pussy.

Hottest milf ever Maria Ozawa sucks and fucks in her ro... Duration: 32:09 50%
Maria Ozawa is one of the best girls out there. She´s not only pretty, she knows how to suck and fuck like no other, and this video is the perfect evidence for that. This renowned hot milf starts wearing a really sexy costume, a very traditional one, but besides she looks innocent dressed like that she rapidly gets into the hardcore action POV style, starting with some fingering and a little bit of handwork too to finish up fucking the way she knows.

Maria Ozawa Loves Her Creamed Pussy After A Threesome Duration: 42:54 50%
What better way for Maria Ozawa to get off twice as hard as she normally does than having two guys pounding her face and her pussy with their cocks? You will love the view of her getting fucked doggy style, as she gets filled up on both ends. Her pussy is so welcoming that these guys don´t want to leave, even when they´re cumming and creampie her.

Beautiful Maria Ozawa Fucks Herself To An Orgasm Duration: 18:30 100%
Maria Ozawa is one popular model, and you can see why in this solo video when she takes her clothes off. She´s got an amazing pair of tits, and her ass and pussy are gorgeous too. She chooses sex toys that are guaranteed to get her off, as she pounds her own pussy in front of the camera and makes herself cum hard knowing that we´re watching her.

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian Gets Her Hairy Pussy Licked... Duration: 38:59 100%
Naughty and hot, this gal is all over thw guys when she has had a few too many to drink! She lets the cameras roll when she has her parties and they are usually quite a gangbang set up. She is one who can??t just have one guy a night, but she has to have several at once because she wears them out so fast. She has a nice set of tits and a hairy wet pussy that is always open for a ride!

Maria Ozawa Asian models have a big Asian orgy Duration: 38:35 100%
The three naughty Asian models are having a time with their photographer. They just had a great time at a new shoot and they are celebrating their ending of a fine session. The girls surprised him when he came home from work and they are giving him the time of his life. Of course he is there with his hidden cameras too and is taping the whole little sex party. He will look it over later on and have a private showing with the girls so they can see the action before he puts it on the web!

Maria Ozawa and friend are covered in lube before ridin... Duration: 29:59 50%
Maria and her female friend are making out and playing with each other´s bodies while they are covered in lube. These hot girls are enjoying each other´s pussies and tits by fingering and licking each other. Her boyfriend comes in and they turn their attention on him and they give him a handjob and a hot blowjob so he cums all over!

Maria Ozawa Asian doll gets fucked in all her holes by ... Duration: 45:23 33%
Maria Ozawa is a hot Asian model. She enjoys her threesomes and is getting a hard fucking by three of her guys. She is a busty chick. She gets her pussy fingered and licked in this hardcore action. They give it to her doggy style and she gets a creamed cunt before MAria Ozawa has a massive cum shot on her pretty face!

Maria Ozawa Japanese beauty is a hot secretary Duration: 42:51 100%
Maria Ozawa is a sexy office lady who enjoys the after work fuck sessions. She is sexy and busty and enjoys the hand work she gives along with excellent blowjobs. She gets her pussy licked and fingered and gets in some dick riding and even a rear fucking while she has a cum facvial from sucking cock earlier! Maria Ozawa is certainly a helpful office worker!

Sexy Maria Ozawa in Uniform Duration: 41:26 50%
Horny Maria Ozawa goes out of town to meet her boyfriend for some kinky Japanese costume play. She gets all dressed up in a pink uniform and he takes his time to take it back off of her and tease her nipples and clit with vibrators. When he is finished playing with toys he gives her a real flesh toy to suck and stuff into her pussy so that she can cum hard for him before he explodes his own load.

Maria Ozawa eats out some ass Duration: 33:32 100%
I gotta say that Maria Ozawa is my personal favorite Asian girl as she has a beautiful face, a nice ass and perfect titties. Here you will see this kinky starting off the session by making out with this guy in a bedroom and then she spreads the dudes butt wide open and does some really serious ass licking that is fucking unbelievable. You will see Maria getting absolutely hammered doggy-style and receives lots of warm cum on ass.

Maria Ozawa Tied And Fucked With All Kinds Of Toys Duration: 45:20 0%
Cute and horny, this Japanese model enjoys the wilder side of life when she is out and in a partying mood. She is a lovely girl who has a nice set of tits she likes to show off too and you get a good view when she is dancing. She is a bit on the strange side and once in a while likes to be tied up for sex! I have seen lots of pictures of her in her bondage set up she is definitely hot!

Maria Ozawa Hot Asian Stripper Gives Awesome Blow Jobs Duration: 28:23 0%
This Asian tramp is one of the entertainment strippers on amateur night. She isnt an amateur , she is there to give the beginners tips on what they need to be able to do and how to dress. She shows off the right way to do her thing and then she sits in the audience and encourages them on. When the show is done, she usually leaves with a couple of her own prizes.

Maria Ozawa Enjoys Fucking And Sucking Cock For Cum Duration: 34:48 0%
Maria is a hot Asian babe! Oh, she models too but that is her side job. She has a couple pleasure palaces that make house calls to the hotel in the guise of maseusses for the upper class clients. She is on web sites too and you can see her in action doing lots of crazy things! She definitely knows how to attract a crowd no matter where she goes!

Maria Ozawa Duration: 37:52 0%
This little Asian hussy has the market cornered in the bondage films, that??s for sure! She has a nice set of tits that are shown in nice close up shots for her web audience. I have seen her once in a while in the adult shops picking up new bondage cords and her scary toys. She has been on the cable channels as well so they guys in the bar have seen her as well.

Maria Ozawa Asian babe Gets Tied Up For Some Fun Duration: 04:22 0%
Lovely and horny Japanese enjoys being tied up and her guy has his way with her. She is a glutton for ment when it comes to the cute guys. She has well concealed cameras that get perfect shots from every angle. Her website has them for sale under the secret vid category. I am sure they will make her a ton of money! Not bad for someone who left school in the 10th grade!

Maria Ozawa Goes For A Cock Ride Before Getting Tied Up Duration: 46:38 0%
One night while surfing the web, I came across this little Asian babe. She is a lovely gal, but as I was watching her she looked like she was familiar to me. She is a real wild one, a hot cock riding babe! I finally did remember her. She was a model for a while, and then she went on to the web sex business from the lingerie shop here. I guess one of the guys in the bar had some open spots and she got one and has been on the web ever since!

Maria Ozawa Gets Her Big Tits Rubbed And Her Pussy Fuck... Duration: 35:02 0%
Horny Marie just can??t keep her pussy to herself! She is the owner of one of the biggest escort services in the area and she gets pick of the eager guys who sign up for their services. She has many automatic repeats when they come into town that are her personal clients. She gives them extra special treatments and is well on the way to her fame and fortune.

Maria Ozawa Asian Teen Sucks Cock Like A Pro Duration: 11:52 0%
Maria is a naughty and horny Asian model She enjoys all the costumes and fun of the party life. We were on a cruise to no where and this is when she showed off her real talents of sucking cocks on the pool. She is good at keeping the jizz from getting in the water and ruining everyone??s night. She would be good as a steady employee just to keep the horny guys happy

Maria Ozawa Horny School babe Who Is Always Ready To Fu... Duration: 40:12 0%
Naughty Asian model is in a schoolgirl uniform and she is attracting plenty of attention. Especially when she comes in the club, then there is real trouble She looks young but she is legan and very ready to go at the drop of her pants! She likes nothing better than a cock in her wet pussy and she is after it all the time. When she is here for the entertainment she will wear out a few quys a night.

Maria Ozawa Nasty Asian Doll Gets Loaded Up With Lots ... Duration: 21:26 0%
Naughty Asian babe is getting her entire naked biody drilled with huge dildos. Her friends are always there with toys when she is ready to party the night away. She likes being tied and dildo drilled as she is covered in lube to make it feel smooth and intense, She is definitely a naughty girl and she is getting her name well known in the party circles.

Maria Ozawa Naughty Girl Is A Model Who Shows Her Big T... Duration: 05:32 0%
Naughty Maria is having a good time at college this year. She is in the Acting classes at the university but they take their rehearsals way too seriously for the school gym. Usually they go to the club for a few drinks and then they head to the hotel for the real rehearsals. She hides cameras all over the hotel rooms and they fuck up a storm ! She says she is saviung the film for a rainy day!

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian babe Shows TIts And More Duration: 07:56 0%
Hot and horny, the lovely Asian tramp here is all for a hard fucking and sucking time with some toys thrown in for the fun of it too. She is also a dancer at the club when she is needed and she does quite a job of it. She serves the customers well and sometimes takes her work home with her for a bit of bondage. She is defintely a fun date on any night of the week!

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian Babe Strips In The Bathroom Duration: 05:08 0%
Maria Ozawa llikes to maintain her professional reputation but some times she has the idea to flash her fine ass for some entertainment. She wears thongs to make sure her ass shows off nicely when she is fooling around with her male friends . She has an ass that you just want to grab and give a hard fucking to! She is hot and set for a poking

Sexy Teen Gets Her Anus Poked With A Dildo Duration: 35:45 0%
This little lady is as beautiful and hot as they come! She has that steamy fuck me look written all over her beautiful face. She is a former model who got into the adult entertainment world and her career really took off. She has many web pages and a cable program that is shooting to the top of the most viewed list. Once you see her, you too will be entranced by her cock hardening looks!

Beautiful Asian Teen Model Likes Anal Sex Duration: 38:25 0%
Maria is definitely the girl you won´t take home to meet your mother! She is an Asian teen beauty with a wild side that she only shows behind closed doors! She is steamy and sultry and enjoys her sex on the kinky side. She has an anal fixation and enjoys getting things in her anus. A cock or a toy, she isn´t picky! I wouldn´t mind getting her in for an evening of fun and fucking!

Maria Ozawa Horny Asian Teen Is Fucked By Two Guys Duration: 30:59 0%
This naughty Jpanese model is a little babe when she is partying! She enjoys dressing up and going out to find a couple horny guys to party with and they go at it till all hours of the night. She is a nympho who just has to have cock and she knows where to go to find the guys she wants. SOmetimes she will invite a couple girls back just for the variety too!

Maria Ozawa Horny Asian babe Goes For A Cock Ride Duration: 29:29 0%
Naughty Japanese tramp is quite a hot pussy! SHe enjoys being naked and riding on cock every chance she can get. She is in video here with her latest hump showing her nice pussy as she goes up and down on a hard cock like a pogo stick! She has some photos and videos available on a website she has just started and theyre well worth checking out! Definitely check out this wild Asian pussy!

Maria Ozawa Hot Asian Stewardess Gets A Fucking From B... Duration: 26:00 0%
This naughty Asian stewardess is a frequent flyer of the hotel and of the security guard who looks after the floor she stays on . She has a room with cameras in it and she gets her pussy fucked in any position they can think of when she is on lay over. He is supposed to take the videos out and save them for their private collection but he shows them to his buddies first!

Maria Ozawa babety Asian Stewardess Gives Good Head Duration: 14:49 0%
This hot babe is a stewardess that is dating one of the guys from the club. She is in and out when she has a flight to the city. This time she was only here for a short while and they took off for the office for a while. What we got on the security cameras was good enough to put up on the web in the amateur category! She is one sexy Asian babe and really knows how to suck a cock!

Maria Ozawa Pretty Japanese babe Gets Fucked From Behin... Duration: 27:26 0%
This hot Japanese tramp is a partier who enjoys lots of fucking and partying when she can get it. Her friend brought these pictures in to show what she likes to do on a date and everyone here passed them around. When he brought her in and introduced her as his date she was the center of attention . She didn??t know that her pictures had been put up on the wall of fame in the lobby. She did discover that when she left the table to go to the ladie??s room though!

Maria Ozawa Hot Japanese Tramp Has A Nice Round Ass Duration: 32:00 0%
I was introduced to this hot assed Asian tramp through a customer who knew of her from another place he went to. He took pictures of her and brought them here to see if maybe I wanted to coax her over to our place as an entertainer. She has a perfect ass and a nice set of big tits that would definitely be a huge asset in this business! I am thinking she is a doll but what could we get her to do here? We do have an adult night??

Maria Ozawa Nasty Japanese On Her Knees Showing Her H... Duration: 38:55 0%
I saw this hot Asian babe in a movie on the web last night. There was nothing else to do and the crowd was thin so iI thought it might spice up the evening. It certtainly did when she showed her perfect ass before getting a cock stuffed in it as the audience cheered. Her big tits and bare ass certainly got the crowd going! By the end of the night we had a full house that wanted to party till dawn!

Maria Ozawa Naughty Asian babe Gets Spread Wide Duration: 38:47 0%
This hot Japanese is getting it from all sides with hands, cock and vibrators. She is one of the girls that used to waitress in the hotel bar before re training as a bar maid. She had such a hot set of tits that she was very popular and the photographer who frequented the club wanted her for some shoots. She gets into the crazy stuff like the group bondage and her pussy getting the vibrator treatment.

Maria Ozawa Recent Pictures

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