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Mei is one of the strippers who frequents our club. She likes to come in and be the guest judge on amateur nights. Things can get really hot when the audience disagrees with her when she picks the best of the night! Sometimes she is on the stage herself to get everyone in the mood for a good time. She has a web site she runs and the best photos from the night´s fun is there for everyone to vote for . She gets lots of traffic there too especially when they know the secret password to get to the real hot shots from her on stage in her costumes as she is taking them off for her act. Her friends are there too and that part of her site is sexy for sure. She has other sites with videos on them that she has for sale and they are definitely money makers which is why she is so popular! When she is finally discovered and is into movies all the time she is going to have more fans than she can handle and with her looks she will need several bodyguards to keep her from being molested! So come check her out while you still can, once she is well known no one will be able to see her.

  • Birthday: 1987-12-19
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 84cm Waist: 58cm Hip: 86cm
  • Hometown: Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Hobbies: Shopping

Mei Haruka Recent Videos

Mei Haruka Japanese babe is fucked by two guys Duration: 38:28 100%
Mei Haruka is a lovely Japanese babe with a hairy pussy. She likes sex for money and if she has two guys at once that is even better. She shows off her big tits and is fondled and her pussy is licked and fingered. She gets a hard cock in her wet pussy for a doggy style fucking and she finishes sucking a cock and getting cum on her pretty face. Mei Haruka is a sexy Asian babe who enjoys all kinds of sex!

Mei Haruka Naughty Asian model enjous her pussy with he... Duration: 22:13 100%
Mei is a hot Asian teen who is a waitress in the club on weekends. She is slowly gaining a reputation for her parties because she puts on some hot flings and she tapes them for the web! She has a site she shares with her room mates and they put their latest adventures in sex up for the world to see. She is a lovely gal and could have a career in the adult industry if she is found by the right producer. There are a lot of them in and out of the club so she has a good chance of being discovered.

Mei Haruka Naughty Asian model gets a fuck in jail Duration: 34:38 100%
Mei is a hot Asian model who is taking a chance and filming a video in a jail cell. She has decided to try adul ht movies and the first one is a BDSM in jail! She is all tied up and waiting for the cameras when the producer comes in and decided to try her out before filming. She is a hottie and enjoys the chance to warm up before the actual shoot. She says then she will know what to expect when the cameras are rolling.

Mei Haruka Japanese model gets hard cock in her mouth Duration: 19:55 60%
Mei Haruka is a nice teen with a beautiful face. She is extra sexy in her fishnet lingerie as she gets ready to suck her guy´s cock. He sees her hairy pussy gets to play with that while she´s stroking his cock up and down in her mouth. She deep throat his cock. He starts to cum in her mouth pulls out and cums on her beautiful face! Mei Haruka is a Japanese sex doll when it comes to sucking cock!

Mei Haruka Asian teen gets her tight pussy pounded Duration: 33:18 75%
Mei Haruka is a lovely Asian teen who has cute tits. Her guy sees her camel toe before he licks her cunt and she inserts his cock for a deep throat sucking and she licks and sucks his hairy balls. They get in position 69 for some hardcore licking and sucking before she gets on top and inserts his cock into her pussy for a ride. When she is done, he grabs her from behind and fucks her hard doggy style! He finishes up by stopping and cumming on her pretty face! Mei Haruka is a horny Asian teen who enjoys hard sex!

Mei Haruka Naughty Asian babe Gets Fucked With Two Horn... Duration: 38:16 67%
This hot Asian babe likes guys two at a time. She enjoys them working on both ends at once so she is kept very busy when she is getting fucked. One of the guys brought in some pictures and showed them around of a night with her and her friend. He had to get used to having another guy there but when he found how horny she was he was glad to have another guy there to take some of the pressure off him. He said she was the wildest chick he was with in quite some time! When the club opened and the girls came in, he recognized one of them as the girl they had dated the night before!

Mei Haruka Naughty Asian babe Enjoys Sucking Big Cock O... Duration: 20:23 100%
This fine Asian babe is a specialist in cock. She is popular for her mouth and gets plenty of action when she needs it. She is a teaching assistant and the whole senior class is looking to attract her favors at the end of the year graduation party. She likes the clubs and having a good time, flirting with the single guys in the clubs but she rarely takes them home with her. She has a night job in the hospital that she adores because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere there. When she is out to party she is selective about her guests and they definitely have a time they will remember when she is done with them the next day.

Mei Haruka Naughty Japanese babe Gets Her Wet Pussy Pou... Duration: 33:28 100%
Naughty Mei is a college student in the school on the hill. She is also a major player when she is out partying. She works hard at her job as a photo assistant and spends long hours learning all she can about cameras. She wants to be either a photographer or a actress in front of the cameras but she hasnt made up her mind yet. She comes in the clubs usulook for a guy ally with a couple other girls and they to have fun with for the evenings. If there happens to be no one there they are interested in, they will just go home with each other! She has some nice looking friends too!

Mei Haruka Naughty Asian babe Enjoys Playing With Her D... Duration: 14:11 100%
This Asian babe is one of the cutest gals I have seen in a long time in photographs. I discovered her when she came into the club one night with her portfolio to show to a prospective customer. I got a look at it and though she should be in magazines with her looks. I offered to set her up for a new session and she readily agreed. We set up at her house and we went to work. She wanted some masturbation shots so we got those going and she spent a long time playing with her pussy. It was a good shoot, and after we were done I got the best blowjob I have had in years!

Mei Haruka Asiam model gets tied up and fucked Duration: 35:27 100%
Mei is an Asian model who enjoys the naughty side of sex now and them. She started out on a shoot for lingerie and it turned onto a bondage party! She had her own hidden camera there to catch it all for her own project website. The guy who was with her brought in another guy so they have a threesome while she is tied up and helpless. The photos and video came out great so she is going to have a big ad on the web for her hot shots!

Mei Haruka is tied up and takes three cocks in her puss... Duration: 35:37 100%
Mai Haruka is one of those girls that loves to being tied up. Many girls have this fantasy but this one takes it to another level! She´s at her bedroom and totally tied up with a large rope. And that makes her hotter than hell itself, so she hasn´t any problem taking three cocks. And for these guys luck she wears sexy lingerie and fishnet stockings so she gets fucked hard with no mercy right in her pretty hairy pussy. After many hardcore action stunts she gets cum on body too!

Mei Haruka Asian model enjoys her masturbation Duration: 14:09 0%
Lovely Mei is a waitress in th small cafe in the mall. She is a lovely and well stacked Asian model who ejoys a good party when she has the time for them. Her last party got her and her guests a visit from the local PD because they were so loud! It was quite a party and she was putting on a show and things got out of hand. She was tied up and looked like an injured squirrel! The cops came and broke up the party and everyone but a couple people left. She has the ones who stayed untie her before leaing the house.

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