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This cute Asian schoolgirl is a student in the college. She likes wearing her uniform when she is out at night because the guys love it when she looks like she is younger than she really is. She can really party it up and put away the alcohol better than a lot of the guys I know. It is amazing to watch her when she is out to compete with the guys before she decides who she wants to be with for the night.

  • Birthday: 1988-08-09
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 90cm Waist: 53cm Hip: 84cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Travelling

Saki Tsuji Recent Videos

Saki Tsuji Asian babe gets tits fondled and sucks cock Duration: 18:19 75%
Saki is cute in her pigtails and she enjoys her guys while she is naked. She has nice tits and fondles them to tease her boyfriend. She rubs her tits on his cock before she is going to suck him off. They enjoy the day playing with each other. She is good at sucking cock and she likes it when hr=e pulls out and spurts cum on her big tits!

Saki Tsuji Asian model and her friends have fun with fu... Duration: 14:07 100%
Naughty Asian maids are doubling as waitresses in the club. These gals use their uniforms and it looks pretty sharp with their mini skirts and over flowing shirts. The girls were talking about their last party and we overheard things like anal sex and fucking heads, it must have been some party for them because they all looked like they had not been to bed before coming to work that day. They did let me see their website and while I had the time I checked it out. It is quite a site!

Saki Tsjui Naughty Asian Model Likes Showing Off Her Ho... Duration: 10:34 100%
I found this old movie in the archives and decided to give it a run. The subject is an Asian schoolgirl and her big tits!She enjoys getting her guy to fuck them and she also sucks cock. She is lovely and into titty fucking and so is her boyfriend. I didn´t recognize her at first but when the waitress who works here that looks a lot like her I showed her the film and she admitted it was hers! She had done a few movies before she decided she didnt like the way they were shot so she stopped and now makes her own movies for the web!

Saki Tsuji Asian model gets cum on her nice tits after ... Duration: 15:40 100%
Saki is a lovely Asian model who likes to show off her big tits and get them covered in cum. She likes to suck her boyfriend off every chance she gets and get the sticky cum all over her big tits. They enjoy all the time they can spend in bed and fucking in all kinds of positions before they need to go back to their jobs for the day.

Saki Tsuji Asian doll gets her hairy pussy tickled Duration: 1:11:53 100%
Saki is in her teeny bikini getting a massage. She is relaxed lying there with her oiled bidy waiting for her rubbing. her attendant comes up with a vibrator and playing in her pussy with it, he stops to finger her wet slit before penetrating her with a dildo! Now, that is a different kind of rubdown!

Saki Tsuji Hot Japanese babe in glasses gives blowjob Duration: 09:20 100%
Saki Tsuji is a lovely asian babe who is a busty milf. She likes her young guys when she is on an adventure for sex. she gets her nice tits kissed and licked and gets her hot pussy fingered to get it juicy and wet. Saki Tsuji is also known for her cock sucking abilities and enjoys deep throating a cock and getting a load of cum to enjoy.

Saki Tsuji Pretty Asian schoolgirl gets tits fondled Duration: 14:10 100%
Saki Tsuji is a lovely Asian teen playing schoolgirl. She is a busty gal who has a talent for sucking cock and deep throating until she gets a load of sperm in her mouth. She gets her tits fondled by her guy and he enjoys her lovely body as she is sliding her mouth up and down his hard shaft! Saki Tsuji enjoys her dates and her growing reputation!

Saki Tsuji Asian Model Is Horny And Enjoys Sucking Cock... Duration: 28:05 0%
Saki is a college girl who lives across the street from me in the condo complex. She has some interesting days when she is home without her room mate. She had her boyfriend come over and they spend the day naked in the apartment with the curtains open! I get quite a view from my deck, so i spend the day checking them out. She likes the shower too and gets him in there and they fuck when they get all wet and soapy. I was thinking of putting up some long range cameras to pick up the action when I am not at home!

Saki Tsuji Asian Model Likes Getting Her Wet Pussy Poun... Duration: 26:28 0%
Naughty horny Asian school girl is a student in the college and she is also a waitress in the club. She is a horny gal who is very popular with the guys here. She knows she is in demand for lots of fun sex topics and she gladly will experiment. She has a nnice set of big tits she enjoys showing off. I can´t wait to get her fimls in here for a private screening before she gets famous then we can say we knew her when she was just a schoolgirl!

Saki Tsuji Asian Student Has A Nice Set Of Big Tits Duration: 15:29 0%
This hot Asian student is a model in the dress shop in the mall. She is also a musical student and shows you all the things she can do with her instrument! When she is bored with waiting for practice, she will use her flute as a sex toy! She is on a security camera in the school gym when she was caught playing with her tits and pussy. I didn´t think you could actually use a musical instrument that way! I guess these hot Asian chicks are getting more inventive!

Saki Tsuji Asian Schoolgirl Is A Horny Model Who Enjoys... Duration: 26:43 0%
Naughty Asian model is a horny schoolgirl who enjoys fucking. She has nice big tits that her guys are very fond of. She gives good head too from what the guys say. She is in a co-ed dorm so she has plenty of dates who can just walk over to her room for a quickie if she is in the mood. She is non stop when she decides to party too. School vacation time is party time! That is when the clubs are flooded with horny college guys looking for a party!

Saki Tsuji Japanese Schoolgirl Enjoys Lots Of Sex Duration: 14:54 0%
Saki is a college girl who enjoys coming to the club on amateur nights. Sometimes she helps out and subs as a waitress when it is really busy and works for tips and dates. She is very popular because she likes to sneak out with a guy and have sex in his car. She has a camera she carries that records everything she does. She has a big collection of her adventures and is putting them on the web for everyone to see! She is also popular for getting lingerie photos taken of her when she is modeling them!

Saki Tsuji Asian waitress is turned into a cream cake Duration: 26:00 0%
Naughty Asian waitress is having fun withthe chef. She is getting covered in cream and frosting for a most unusual cake for a party this evening. She is a hottie with nice tits and a firm shape so she volunteered to be his surprise! This should be an interesting opportunity for her to advertise her abilities on film. The whole thing is being taped for a web site that likes unusual cakes. This is about the most unusual you will find anywhere! I cant wait to see the end results!

Saki Tsuji Asian chick rides on a cock Duration: 57:36 0%
Horny Saki is working out in the waiting room. She is on the swim team at school and she is getting ready to go work out. Her boyfriend comes in and enjoys the view of her in the suit. He decides he would like it better if she were out of the suit, so he can play with her big tits, and finger her wet pussy. They have some fun and she gets a cock ride before another guy shows up and they both get their cocks sucked!

Saki Tsuji Naughty Asian chick is tied up for a teasing Duration: 17:25 0%
Saki is tied up and has a bunch of her favorite guys there to tease her hot body. They rub lube on her and play with her big tits and pussy to tease her. They bring out the vibrators and they really tease her nipples and clit until she is wet and ready for a hard fucking. She is enjoying her bondage gangbang with her many guys and their many toys!

Saki Tsuji Lovely Asian babe who enjoys pussy tickling Duration: 17:57 0%
Saki is a hot Asian cheerleader. She likes showing off in her outfit and her boyfriend thinks it is a big turn on. She doesnt stay in the clothes long when he is around! She is showing off her big tits and hairy pussy as she teases him while he watches her playing with her pussy and fingering it and she spreads her legs wide to show off her wet slit!

Saki Tsuji Lovely Asian babe gives sensual blowjob Duration: 15:46 0%
Saki Tsuji is a lovely Asian doll who enjoys sex. She is a big boobed milf who likes hardcore action and even sex in the bathroom! She gets her pussy licked and a rear fucking too. Saki Tsuji is one hot Asian milf! Her guys all enjoy her experienced mouth as she sucks cock like a professional!

Saki Tsuji Hot Japanese waitress gets pussy licked Duration: 12:31 0%
Saki Tsuji Hot teen in a sexy costume as a waitress is getting a hot time. She has nice big boobs she enjoys showing off to her guy and he likes to play in position 69 so he can lick her cunt while she sucks his cock! She likes to eat sperm so he cums in her mouth! He gets in a hot cumshot when he is playing with her pussy and covers her in cum! Saki Tsuji is one teen who has a horny reputation!

Saki Tsuji Hot Japanese babe in tied up and her wet pus... Duration: 10:46 0%
Saki Tsuji is a lovely Asian teen. she has cute tits and is enjoying a vibrator and sex toys with her group of guys. She is tied and they are enjoying using the toys on her tits and pussy. She has plenty of fun with these hot guys and their bondage play. Saki Tsuji is a hottie who they will date again when the chance comes!

Saki Tsuji Hot Japanese waitress enjoys hard fucking Duration: 37:10 0%
Saki Tsuji is a lovely Japanese waitress who has a busty and sexy body. She enjoys some tit squeezing and getting a boob fuck so she gets cum on her hot body. Her guys think she has a nice ass and they enjoy fingering her hairy cunt. She is talented at sucking cock and enjoys deep throating a hard one! Saki Tsuji enjoys jumping on a hard cock for a ride and letting her big tits bounce!

Saki Tsuji Hot Japanese schoolgirl rides on a cock Duration: 42:51 0%
Saki Tsuji is a nice busty Asian teen. She enjoys cock sucking and so soes her boyfriend. She has a talented mouth and sucks cock by swallowing it down her throat for a deep sucking. she has a nice ass and her guy enjoys her nice ass and fingering her pussy. Saki Tsuji is a very popular girl when she gets a load of cum on her face and she is mounted doggy style for a creamed cum cunt!

Saki Tsuji Hot Japanese babe in sexy bathing suit shows... Duration: 41:31 0%
Saki Tsuji is a lovely Asian teen who enjoys lots of fun with her guy. She is in her sexy bikini and is looking for some hardcore action. She is a busty gal who enjoys a boob fucking when she is with her guy and getting her pussy fingered and spread wide for a cunt licking. Saki Tsuji enjoys getting her guy to give her a rear fucking!

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