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Sora is lovely in her sport uniform. She is into a lot of sports when she is at the college. She is a student in business classes so she can some day take over her Aunt´s shop in the mall. She works there part time and is also a waitress in the club near the mall, so she has everything within walking distance from where she stays. She has a cute face that makes her look younger than she really is but it is fun watching her on a date. The managers in the other clubs give her a hard time when she is out partying because she looks so young and innocent. But she is a wild girl when she goes out at night! She has sexy dresses that really show off her nice tits and firm ass that she gets from being on all those teams at college. She is popular with the guys because of her hot looks and her ability to actually talk about sports with them. And it doesn´t hurt that she is so hot to look at too! She is fun to watch when she is dancing on the stage too. She enjoys that just to be a cock tease! She is one hot chick!

  • Birthday: 1983-11-11
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 155cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 90cm Waist: 58cm Hips 83cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, billiards, drawing

Sora Aoi Recent Videos

Sora Aoi Asian doll in a sexy uniform gives a blowjob Duration: 13:25 73%
Sora is a hot Asian doll who makes good use of her sofa when her guy is around. She enjoys making out with him and getting her nice tits fondled. She is known for her hot blowjobs and he is always there to get her expert care and amazing sex!

Sora Aoi Asian model is fucked in different positions Duration: 27:14 77%
Sora Aoi is a hot MILF with nice big tits and sexy lingerie. She is having some fun kissing her guy and getting pussy stimulation when her guy has his head between her legs and licks her hot cunt while she is sucking his cock in position 69! They enjoy each other´s wet and hard tongueing until the hardcore action of a rear fucking! Sora Aoi is an enjoyable Asian babe!

Sora Aoi Asian doll enjoys getting a hot cock ride Duration: 23:20 95%
Sora has her lovely lingerie in the bedroom. Her boyfriend enjoys her pretty face, and her hairy pussy. She is a talented girl who enjoys lots of aspects of sex and delivering her best when her boyfriend is done fingering her and squeezing her tits. She will get on him and go for a cock ride and he enjoys watching her tits bounce up and down.

Office babe Sora Aoi gets ed and fucked by her boss. Duration: 18:57 89%
Sora Aoi is an office babe that loves getting ed and fucked especially by his boss because he has a big rod and she enjoys a lot giving him a nice cock sucking. This babe has really big boobs and a perfect nice ass so having this as a secretary all ed and hungry for your cock is most mans dream job. Sora get a great dick riding doggy-style and for the perfect ending she gets the cum on face.

Sora Aoi Asian model gets a hard fucking Duration: 24:51 100%
Sora Aoi is a hot Asian MILF in an office suit. She has a nice tight round ass in her sexy lingerie. She gets her pussy licked and she inserts a hard cock in her moputh so she can tongue and swallow it down to get a load of cum in her mouth. She gets a rear fucking and some position 69 and more cock sucking before she gets on his cock for a ride! She gets a hard fucking and ends her date with a load of cum in her mouth!

Sora Aoi Asian doll gets a rear fucking Duration: 26:11 91%
Sora is in her bedroom with her boyfriend. They are having a great time kissing and she is giving him a hot blowjob. He is enjoying her hairy pussy and fingering it till it is wet and slippery. He finally gets her from the rear and fucks her doggy style for a hot wet fucking.

Sora Aoi Asian model is fucked from behind Duration: 29:46 75%
Sora Aoi is a nice Asian teen in a sexy dress. She enjoys kissing her guy before he is down between her legs and licking her cunt before fingering her wet pussy. She grabs his cock and inserts it into her mouth and she is deep into her throat for a face fucking. She has a nice tight ass and he enjoys the feel of it as she inserts his cock for a dick ride. She rides him like a pony and gets off when he wants to mount her from behind for a rear fucking! He stops before he cums and she sucks his cock again for a load of cum in her mouth and on her pretty face! Sora Aoi is one hot Asian teen!

Sora Aoi Pretty Asian Model Gets HEr Huge Hooters Poked... Duration: 10:20 67%
Hot and lovely Sora enjoys being part of public showings. She has a huge set of tits she enjoys showing off and getting fondled while her outfit is being slowly removed by hte guys she has attending to her today. She has different guys when she is out showing off her big Asian tits to the public in photos and video. Her hot looks are getting her very well known in the city.

Sora Aoi Lovely And Busty Asian babe ENjoys Sucking Coc... Duration: 12:16 62%
Horny Japanese babe is enjoying getting the gang together for a fine fucking time! Popular as a waitress, she is also wanted as a play thing by the guys in the club. This horny babe wastes no time in getting some of the guys together after work for a good ol gang bang. SHe has her cameras hidden so she has it all on video for her web site entries. Sneaky girl!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian chick is fucked by two guys Duration: 30:18 80%
Sora Aoi is a beautiful busty milf who enjoys group sex. She sucks cocks and gets position 69 so her pussy gets a licking too. She is having a good time getting a double penetration in both holes! She gets a rear fuck and deep penetration. Sora Aoi enjoys ger threesomes and her guys also enjoy them!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian Model Enjoys Showing Off Her Hot ... Duration: 06:56 100%
Naughty Asian teen likes to show off some of her more practical lingerie and her school uniforms. She is quite a Asian tramp and this is just the start of her promising career. She has been to school for business and massage but so far hasn??t used either of them since modeling is so easy. It fits into her active lifestyle and all the partying! Check her out, she is definitely a lovely Asian babe!

Sora Aoi Nasty Asian Teen Enjoys Having A Gangbang Par... Duration: 15:14 100%
Naughty Asian schoolgirl is really playing hard after play practice in the gym. She has hooked up with the boys from class to give her pussy a good work out while waiting for a ride home. She certainly gives them a great time and usually has a couple hours to fuck around before it is time for her to leave. She is definitely getting very well known.

Two Guys Screw Sora Aoi In Doggy Style And Riding Duration: 31:44 100%
With big round tits and a sexy ass, Sora Aoi is the perfect kind of woman to take two guys on in a threesome because there are so many of her body parts to love. Hell, she can´t help but grab a hold of her own bouncy tits when they´re fucking her, whether they´re banging her doggy style, or she´s bouncing up and down on a stiff prick while on top.

Sora Aoi Japanese babe enjoys getting fucked in lots o... Duration: 27:22 100%
Sora is a teacher in the college. One of her students suggested after a ling day at school she should get a massage in the class next door- that way it is free and she is still helping the students in that class. She went in to the class and their teacher invited her in to be the guinea pig for the class in massage. She said "ok" and took off her clothes and lay down on the table. The teacher oiled her up and explained what he was doing as he went along her back. Then it was time to turn over and he was massaging her nice tits and things got carried away in the all male class. All the students were encouraging him to take it further, and she didn´t object so he started playing with her nipples and pussy . Soon she was giving him a blow job in front of the class!

Sora Aoi Asian doll is getting her juicy pussy licked Duration: 30:25 100%
Sora and her guy are getting a little sex on a break. She is on the sofa in the break room, and getting her clothes off. She is a hot busty gal who enjoys getting her tits fondled, and having her hairy pussy fingered, when she is getting turned on and her juices are flowing. She has a little 69 and sucks his cock as he licks pussy. When she is ready for a deep cock penetration she lets him get on top and fuck her hard.

Fucking In The Supermarket Makes Sora Aoi Wet Duration: 24:00 83%
Can you believe that Sora Aoi is so horny that shell fuck a guy right in the middle of a grocery store? Shes nervous at first when he starts to strip her naked, but shes horny and moaning when shes sucking on his dick. Not only does he bend her over to fuck her in the aisle, but she rides his dick while shoppers pass by and can see them screwing!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian chick is lubed and fucked by two ... Duration: 31:28 100%
Sora Aoi is an Asian beauty. She is a busty Asian milf who gets covered in lube and fucked hard. She gives a double blowjob and gets cum on her pretty face and on her boobs! She gets fingered with the lube and she gets a rear fucking! Sora Aoi has a nice ass that her guy likes to grab and fuck hard!

Busty babe Sora Aoi gets her face and pussy fucked! Duration: 18:46 100%
If youre into hot busty Asian babes, you will definitely dig this nice teen that we have for you in this hot group action called Sora Aoi- This babe has everything that a man could ever want from a woman with a cute face, perfect big boobs and a nice round ass that you will see bouncing like there is no tomorrow as she gets deep penetration in every possible position! Watch this babe cock sucking like crazy, she is an absolute pro and gets loads of cum on face!

Two Cocks Sucked By Sora Aoi As Her Pussy´s Teased Duration: 18:13 67%
Sora Aoi´s got a sensitive pussy to begin with, so when these guys spread her black fishnet stocking covered legs open and teased her slit, she was moaning quickly. It´s a good thing she always had one of their cocks to plunge down her throat. She sucked them both off, exposing her perky tits and letting them cum all over them and glazing her face.

Sora Aoi Hot Asian doll goes for a cock ride Duration: 14:09 100%
Sora Aoi is a hot Asian teen showing off her sexy lingerie to her horny date. He likes the view of her busty form in her lingerie and her black stockings on her sexy legs. They are making out and she is wrapping her hand around his cock for a hand job before she gets on top of him and inserts his cock into her wet hole for a cock ride. He enjoys the sight of her tits bouncing and her nice round ass before he gives her a hot cumshot! Sora Aoi enjoys her sexy dates and horny guy!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian Model Is Tied Up And Fucked Hard Duration: 17:06 100%
Naughty and horny Asian teen is getting tied up in leather and fucked hard with different toys. She is enjoying the fun her guys are having with her. She is a librarian??s assistant and she doesn??t get out for much fun so when she is out- she really goes for it. She has plenty of fun with it and they all go up on her website so her friends can all see what she does in her spare time.

Sora Aoi Hot Asian doll gives amazing blowjobs. Duration: 18:55 60%
Sora is a hot and horny Asian babe. She enjoys wearing her black stockings while she is out on dates. She is a popular gal who has quite a reputation and appetite for sex. She can give really hot blowjobs, while she shows off her busty body and tight ass, handjob. She also likes to jerk guys off until she gets a load of cum on her delicate hands.

Sora Aoi Asian doll enjoys getting a hot cock ride and ... Duration: 29:30 75%
Sora is a pretty Asian model. She likes kissing her boyfriend and getting him to stimulate her pussy by licking her hairy slit. She also likes position 69 when he is there and getting on him to ride his hard cock while he watches her tits bounce!

Sora Aoi Asian doll plays with a hard cock with her boo... Duration: 15:01 75%
Sora is a nice teen who enjoys kissing her boyfriend and giving him great blowjobs. They enjoy each other a lot and he especially likes her nice tits. She has a pretty face and looks a lot younger than she really is. When she is with her guy, they spend hours playing with each other and fucking

Sora Aoi is a great Asian babe that gets a nice fuck fr... Duration: 18:31 100%
An office babe takes part this time on this hot sex scene. She´s a secretary and she won money not only for doing the office stuff, she get a nice salary for satisfying her boss in many ways. Sara Aoi is her name, this babe is a natural busty and as most Asians she has the perfect hairy pussy that she uses to give and receive pleasure. If you wanna see an office giving a great cock sucking and receiving cum in mouth check this one out!

Sora Ai fingering her pussy and toy drilling while tied... Duration: 21:33 100%
Check out this nice teen right here called Sora Ai, she is looking so damn fine that it is amazing to see such a beautiful horny babe ed and letting random guys do whatever the hell they wanna do to her beautiful pussy and here you will see her letting this guy give her some seriously hot masturbation where she gets all sorts of toys drilled in and out of her lovely pussy. Check out this hot nice ass babe in the hottest toy insertion action ever right here.

Sora Aoi Asian Model Enjoys Getting Fucked From Behind Duration: 34:32 100%
Naughty little Asian babe enjoys all the sex she can get! She especially likes the doggy style pussy pounding she gets when she is finishing up a massage. She enjoys those happy endings when it is suggested to her by the client. I have heard of this gal for quite some time now but I have never had the pleasure of her company. But I don??t think that my wife would be too happy about it!

Sora Aoi Asian Model Sucks Cock And She Swallows Too Duration: 13:01 100%
This Japanese chick is a waitress in the food bar in the mall. She likes to make the rounds of the stores for the variety and people to talk to. She is studying to be a nurse so people are her subject. At night she attempts the same thing with her boyfriends but they usually get her half drunk and fuck her till morning! She is a lovely gal and very busy!

Sora Aoi Big Boobed Teen Enjoys Being Fucked Hard Duration: 24:55 100%
Hot Japanese babe is into getting hard sex when she is with her horny boyfriend. She likes getting fucked in the kitchen where there is plenty to put your feet against to get fucked. She likes her big tits played with as part of her foreplay and the more she is played with, the wetter her pussy gets. She is an insatiable sex machine when she gets going!

Sora Aoi Hot Japanese babe with big tits enjoys a hard ... Duration: 31:41 100%
Hot sexy Sora is a secretary in the hotel for the executives there. She is good at her job and popular. Her boss has been trying to get her to come to the club on an amateur night so she can try out a couple contests. He thinks she will be good in the wet t shirt contest they have a couple times a month. She would also be good as a dancer with her nice round tits and tight ass! Right now though she is happy when she is fooling around n the office with her boss where no one sees them. She is too shy for the contests is what she tells him at least right now?? He is hopeful that she will change her mind and show off those nice tits to the audience in a contest or two soon!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian secretary enjoys getting fucked ... Duration: 31:33 67%
Sora is an executive secretary in the offices in town. Her boss enjoys having her talents around when he is in the office working. She is a lovely and very talented gal that he likes taking on breaks. He has found she is great at sucking cock and she has a pussy he enjoys banging when there is time to. They fuck frequently and she definitely has her spot in the company secured.

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian model shows off her firm tits Duration: 09:44 67%
Naughty Sora is a hot Asian model who enjoys showing off her perfect body. She is sexy in her lingerie but when she takes her top down and she shows off her tits everyone pays attention! She is masturbating and showing off her dildos as she is sucking them . She likes to poke her pussy with her big dildos and let everyone see how much she enjoys her toys!

Sora Aoi Asian doll gets a hard fucking in the bathroom Duration: 25:16 67%
Sora Aoi This pretty Asian milf is showering in her mini bikini. She has a nice set of tits and when she is in the bath her boyfriend is enjoying her wet body with pussy stimulation, she licks his feet to tease him and he licks her cunt . She sucks his cock and with her experienced mouth, it is very enjoyable. She goes for a dick ride and gets a deep penetrating rear fuck !

Sora Aoi Asian model gets a hard fucking from two guys Duration: 38:20 100%
Sora Aoi is sexy in her pink lingerie. She is a nice Asian teen and she enjoys getting fingering in her hairy pussy. He takes off her panties and gags her with them. She gets her nice tits squeezed and sucks his hard cock before she gets a rear fucking! Sora Aoi is one sexy Japanese model!

Busty Sora Aoi fucks, licks and gets cum in mouth Duration: 34:24 100%
The Asian porn fans share our obsession with tight pretty girls taking dick for the first time. They also share our love of girls covered her bodies in cum. Today´s busty beauty Sora Aoi not only fucks like a pro but has a fresh face and big natural tits that begs you to go back for some hardcore action. Shes a cock sucking fanatic but she doesnt say no at cock riding. She definitely enjoys some pussy stimulation specially when comes with an amazing cum all over her face.

Hardcore milf fucking with Sora Aoi! Duration: 27:33 40%
You gotta love this sexy amateur hot milf Sora, she has one hot ass busty body that is to die for, 1000 guys would literally wait in line for their turn to get a fucking out of this hottie and here you will see this Asian queen showing why she is so popular by pleasing this guys hard cock in every possible way. You will she her giving him some really good head with lots of good cock sucking and you will see her dick riding him like crazy during hot hardcore action!

Sora Aoi Gets Tied Up, Fucked And Coated In Jizz Duration: 39:03 67%
It doesn´t seem like Sora Aoi is getting too tortured by these guys as she´s tied up with her arms above her head. These guys take turns sticking their fingers and vibrators between her legs, as she kicks her knee high boot covered legs around. They fuck the big titted babe and leave her tied up on the floor and with her face covered in cum.

Public Fucking With Sora Aoi Drilled In A Threesome Duration: 35:02 67%
After a wild night, things get even more crazy when Sora Aoi picks up two guys and has sex with them in this club. These guys are all hands and dicks, when they take off her clothes and feed her their schlongs. She gets her wet fuck box opened up and slammed while the other gets sucked off, and she goes back and forth between them to make them explode.

Sora Aoi Asian model gets a hard fucking Duration: 31:41 100%
Sora Aoi is a hot Asian teen in her sexy lingerie and pink stockings. She is a busty gal who is giving some hand work before sharing position 69 with her horny date. He is licking her wet pussy while she is deep throating his cock for mutual stimulation before the hardcore fucking! She gets a rear fucking and a hot cock ride before he changes positions again and mounts her like a dog for a pussy pounding fuck! Sora Aoi is enjoying the sex along with the cum on her pretty face and in her hot sexy mouth!

Sora Aoi Japanese model gets her pussy licked in the ba... Duration: 26:08 100%
Sora Aoi is a nice teen model. She is a busty gal who is enjoying sex in the bath. She sucks his cock and gets a shot in the face before the foot play begins for her foot fetish. She gives him a handjob and he fingers her cunt before she gets on him for a cock ride and a rear fucking. Sora Aoi is a kinky chick!

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