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Sora is lovely in her sport uniform. She is into a lot of sports when she is at the college. She is a student in business classes so she can some day take over her Aunt´s shop in the mall. She works there part time and is also a waitress in the club near the mall, so she has everything within walking distance from where she stays. She has a cute face that makes her look younger than she really is but it is fun watching her on a date. The managers in the other clubs give her a hard time when she is out partying because she looks so young and innocent. But she is a wild girl when she goes out at night! She has sexy dresses that really show off her nice tits and firm ass that she gets from being on all those teams at college. She is popular with the guys because of her hot looks and her ability to actually talk about sports with them. And it doesn´t hurt that she is so hot to look at too! She is fun to watch when she is dancing on the stage too. She enjoys that just to be a cock tease! She is one hot chick!

  • Birthday: 1983-11-11
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 155cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 90cm Waist: 58cm Hips 83cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, billiards, drawing

Sora Aoi Recent Videos

Sora Aoi Asian babe Enjoys Getting Her Pussy Played Wit... Duration: 18:04 100%
Sora is a naughty Asian model/ She enjoys showing off in nice clothes and things like that, and posing in sexy lingerie. She is a lovely girl with a definite wild side to her when she is out of work. She will go out clubbing and wind up going home alone because she is too picky. She goes home and gets on her web cam and masturbates for thousands of horny guys!

Sora Aoi Locely Asian Model Who Enjoys Showing Her Hot ... Duration: 06:02 100%
Hot and sexy, this Asian teen enjoys showing off her fine body. She is a lingerie model and she really likes to show her big tits in these tiny outfits. She definitely enjoys her job and will expand it into web sites when she has the time to put her pictures together in some sort of order! A chick with tits like hers is going to go a long way in the web business!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian Teen Shows Off Her Incredible Bo... Duration: 03:39 100%
Sora ia a Asian model who enjoys showing off her incredible firm round tits and ass. She likes to show off and get some attention since she does her photo shoots by the pool! There are usually plenty of guys around for an audience. She has had many proposals but she is only interested in showing what she has, not using it! Some day she is going to make some guy very lucky, and tired!

Sora Aoi Asian Hottie Who Enjoys Licking Lots Of Cock Duration: 23:18 100%
Naughty Asian babe is a schoolgirl with a reputation.She is well known to be a gal with a very willing pussy. She will put out for anyone she parties with. She is known to take on more than one guy at a time too and then there is really a fuck party! She is a lovely girl who just can??t keep her legs or her mouth closed! She is really going to stretch herself thin with all her dating!

Sora Aoi Asian babe And Her Partner Have Some Fun With ... Duration: 15:35 100%
Naughty Aora and her friend are all ties up in some kinky bondage ejoyment. She has a nice set of tits and enjoys showing off her tits as she is playing with her boyfriend. She has several hours of naughty film she is about to post on the web. She has been quietly building a site to unveil when she has enough to entertain the web surfers for several hours.

Sora Aoi Pretty Japanese Babe Who Enjoys Showing Off Duration: 15:44 100%
Naughty Japanese babe shows off her big tits when she is dancing in the amateur night in the club. She has a lovely body including a perfect ass she likes to show off. Last week she was waitressing in the club and signed up for strip night. She certainly did well in the contest and I am thinking she might come back a few times a month since she is so good, and she works here anyway.

SOra Aoi Lovely Japanese babe Is Titty Fucking Her Guy Duration: 11:40 100%
Horny Asian fuck doll enjoys her leather costume when she is having a fuck with her guy. She has pictures all over the web so she is very well known for her sexual adventures. She is making videos too for her site when she brings her guys home. They are all happy that she is using some outfits, it makes fucking more fun. She is going to do well in her businesses!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Enjoys Sucking Cock Duration: 25:47 100%
Naughty and horny this Japanese babe shows off her big tits and her hot pussy as she is getting it on with her boyfriend. She is a waitress during the day and shows off her hot tits for tips and dates when she is working. She has a few cameras stashed around her place for some hot action that she puts on her website when she has the time to. I guess this guy is next on the web!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Gets Her Pussy Licked Duration: 32:29 50%
Naughty Asian babe has a lovely body she doesn??t mind sharing with others. She has a web site she likes to put her secret shots on the site for everyine to see. She is a maseusse here too and gets loads of business that way, especially for her famous happy endings. She is also a horny doll who really likes getting into her parties. SHe should become a famous porn star when she is older!

Sora Aoi Asian model enjoys playing with cock Duration: 21:02 100%
Sora is a lovely young Asian model that enjoys showing off her hot body. She is a nice Asian doll who has plenty of time to do nothing but make movies. She is in the film making school and she uses herself for the model at school! She gets plenty of assignments with her class mates and her special invited guys to her fuck parties. She enjoys collecting them and saving them for the web sites after she gets them graded for her school projects and they do quite well for amateurs!

Sora Aoi Sexy Japanese student is getting fucked in the... Duration: 37:10 50%
Sexy Sora is an Asian student who is volunteering to clean up the class rooms after school. She has met a couple friends there and they are having a make out session. Things get out of hand and she is soon naked and having her fine tits and pussy. Ther friends are very interested in her pussy and after much fingering they are taking turns fucking her. She is in the classroom but she is hoping that she isn´t caught by the teachers!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian model enjoys having her friends h... Duration: 18:53 100%
Sora is a lovely Asian model who enjoys her friends and having them over to help her out when she wants kinky sex. She and her guy are getting her oiled up and showing off her nice tits and nipples through her shirt. Her body is oiled up and shiny and very sexy. Her friend fondles her nice tits for a whie and then puts a vibrator in her panties for some tickling fun. She enjoys what he is doing and has a very good time with him!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian doll gets a hard fucking Duration: 30:16 100%
Pretty Sora is dressed as a nurse´s aid. She happily entertains the patients before they see their doctors. She has a guy here who is very interested in what she has under her clothes and he is taking them off to show her big tits before her panties go, and he is licking her hairy pussy. She sucks his cock too, so he isn´t left out. Once they are done withthat he is in her hairy juicy pussy with his hard cock for a fucking in a few positions! She ends up with a warm cum facial!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian doll is tied up and her pussy is tea... Duration: 16:07 50%
Sora likes to play games with her guy friends. This naughty Asian doll is tied up so she can´t move, and her guys have lots of vibrating pussy toys they can use on her to pleasure or torture her. She has nice round tits and a lovely tight pussy she is happy to show off at any time. Her guys are having fun with her and she is a partier till the end!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian doll sucks cock while her pussy is f... Duration: 29:23 100%
Horny Sora is a Japanese model who enjoys lots of sex and all the toys she can find. When she is naked, she has a lovely set of tits to be fondled and fucked, and a hairy pussy she enjoys getting fondled and vibrated with small toys and big ones. She will suck cock and have her pussy masturbated at the same time, and she will fuck while getting a small clit tickler to make it even more fun!

Sora Aoi is a hot Asian babe who enjoys lots of stimula... Duration: 16:48 33%
Naughty and sexy Sora is a wild Asian chick! She enjoys lots of vibrators and getting her big tits lubed up so they feel slippery for her boyfriend to fondle and have fun with. He plays with her pussy too and they both have a good time with the vibrator and all the slippery lube he is using on her naked body! She is a good sport about having fun with sex and they are a regular date!

Sora Aoi Asian doll in sexy school uniform enjoys a har... Duration: 25:50 100%
Sora is in the classroom after school to finish up a few things before going home. She is a busty Asian gal who enjoys tit licking and showing off her pink lingerie and her hairy pussy in the room when two of the teacher´s aids come in to get their work assignments. These guys decide that a little threesome is in order including pussy licking, and a couple hot blowjobs before a rear fucking by both horny guys!

Sora Aoi Asian doll gets a hard pussy pounding Duration: 29:09 100%
Pretty Asian babe is getting a fun time with her two guys. She enjoys threesomes because they keep her amused. She enjoys all the kissing and tit licking two mouths can give her. She likes ass licking, and any kind of fondling for her big tits. This busty,horny chick with a hairy wet pussy, enjoys giving double blowjobs when she has a couple guys here to see her. She likes position 69 to get her juices flowing before she gets some deep penetration from her horny guys.

Sora Aoi Asian schoolgirl shows off her nice tits Duration: 05:27 100%
Sora Aoi is a nice Asian teen. She is a little strange and enjoys showing off her tits in the classroom and giving the guys a bird´s eye view of her upskirt shots. She is a teaser that´s for sure! Sora Aoi is learning lots of sexy stuff in her after school sessions!

Sora Aoi Japanese beauty gets covered in lube and suck... Duration: 18:34 50%
Sora Aoi is a sexy Japanese model who enjoys being covered with lube. Her guy enjoys her big tits before he gets the vibrator out and is playing in her pussy with it. She gets a hot dildo for her hairy juicy cunt and she gives him a titty fucking before she sucks his cock! Sora Aoi is a hot and horny Asian doll!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian babe is showing her nice body in ... Duration: 02:56 100%
Sora Aoi is a lovely Asian doll who enjoys showing off solo. There is a spy cam in her house and her guys enjoy seeing the footage from there. She has the water running down her nice tits and over her hard nipples. She is looking around because she feels she is being watched. Sora Aoi turns her wet ass to the camera so no one gets to see too much of her hot body!

Hot milf Sora Aoi rubs her wet pussy in bed Duration: 06:02 100%
Now we have a cool kind of scene that lots of guys enjoys more than anything; a solo masturbation scene. She is Sora Aoi and this hot busty milf with a nice piece of ass who loves to masturbate, in a very delicate way. First getting into her pretty thong and then totally naked. And in different positions too, upside and downside just pretending shes getting fucked hard or licked all of her body. But we just left that to your imagination.

Kinky Yuma Asami boob fucks and sucks cock in the bath. Duration: 08:38 100%
Yuma Asami is one sexy girl, very nice and smiling all the time this babe may look like a shy teen but the truth is she´s a hot milf hungry for some big cock. And there´s nothing better than take a good bath with this lady because she´s pretty sure of what shes doing so this babe won´t hesitate in giving you a great cock sucking and body licking. Yuma loves to give boob fucks too and the hand work is always a this to expect from a like this one.

Big titted Sora has the perfect body and gets a big vib... Duration: 25:17 100%
Few girls in Japan have big tits, and some of them are pretty fat or ugly, but Sora is totally the opposite of that. She´s has the best big boobs ever and a perfect tight body with a really nice ass and a delicious hairy pussy. And in this one she´s ed and horny for a big vibrator right in her pussy. She has a beautiful face too and she gets a great titlicking while she gets a dildo in the clit that she enjoys a lot!

Sora Aoi eats ass and fucked very hard! Duration: 24:09 100%
This nice teen Sora Aoi is a real hottie with a perfect body and a really nice ass that would please any man out there. Not only is Sora a really sexy babe, she is one of the kinkiest babes that I have ever seen and here you will see her in some serious hardcore action where she shows off her wild side in every possible way! You will see this hottie ass licking like a maniac, sucking cock in position 69 and dick riding like there is no tomorrow! What a sexy horny woman!

Busty Sora Aoi Has A Perfect Body For A Hard Fucking Duration: 33:09 50%
Once this guy sees the big round tits on Sora Aoi´s chest, he can´t keep his eyes or hands off of them. That is until he takes her panties off and tastes her sweet pussy. He gets the best of both of them when he´s inside of her, especially when he lays down and she´s riding his meat pole up and down, begging him to cum all over her pretty face.

Cock craving teen babe Sora Aoi jacking off and swallow... Duration: 15:09 100%
Cock craving teen babe Sora Aoi jacking off and swallowing. This petite and nasty brunette teasing while eating her ice cream. She grab some random cock and plug it up her wet dripping snatch.

Sora Aoi Horny Asian Model Gets A Jizz Bath Duration: 10:57 0%
This Asian babe is a cashier in the stores in the mall. She likes to make the rounds of the adult stores for the variety and people. She is studying to be a shrink so people are her subject. At night she attempts the same thing with her boyfriends but they usually get her half drunk and fuck her till morning! She wonders why she only has an average grade!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian babe Does More Than Eat In The Kitch... Duration: 15:50 0%
This Japanese chick is a waitress in the food bar in the mall. She likes to make the rounds of the food court for the variety and people to talk to. She is studying to be a cook so people are her subject. She attempts to cook for her boyfriends but they usually get her in the kitchen and fuck her all day! She is never going to learn anything at this rate!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian Model Is Getting Fucked Outside Duration: 17:48 0%
I heard on the news that this cute Asian model who used to come in here quite often to party with her friends, the guy on the tv said a couple guys had her out in the woods and really gave her a hard fucking while taking turns on her. She came in later and was talking about it without any real regrets but she isnt interested in that again! She said the outdoors is too itchy!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian Model Takes A Cock Ride Duration: 09:37 0%
Naughty Asian student enjoys riding a hard cock when she has the chance to! She is a bot shy about showing off her stuff at first so she needs to warm up before she will show off her hot tits and tight ass. I have heard she is a nice ride once you get a dick in her. Her Guys have told me that when they??re bragging about their conquests. Wait till they find out what she has done with the pictures!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Gets A Cock Ride And Jizzed Duration: 15:43 0%
Sora is a naughty Japanese babe. She enjoys showing off and posing in sexy lingerie. She is a lovely girl with a definite horny side to her when she is out for a fuck. She will go out clubbing and wind up going home with one or two guys depending on her mood for the night and riding cock till sunrise! She has lots of stills and videos that she has posted on her web sites.

Sora Aoi Asian Model Is Showing Off Her Excellent Body ... Duration: 10:53 0%
This Asian beauty is adorable. She is a model who likes to model wedding dresses and the lingerie that goes with them. SHe does a real good job of it too! Once in a while she will get a few girls together and model in the club when we open it for the daytime specials. The company gets plenty of interest in this little Asian gal so she will go far in the business!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian Teen Is Enjoying Her Pussy And T... Duration: 07:03 0%
Sora is going to be famous one of these days! She has a nice pair of firm tits and a hairy pussy that gets her a lot of notice on her website when she poses nude. She also owns a couple of toy shops that she is known for too because she likes to hire live subjects to demonstrate her wares! I definitely wouldnt mind seeing the live demos she has! Maybe I will take a walk to her shop later on and see what??s new!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Is A Horny Teen Showing Tit... Duration: 25:46 0%
Naughty Asian teen has big tits that she shows off at the slightest chance. She is a budding stripper who likes to practice hwerwow factor when they can. She enjoys getting laid and taking pictures of her guys that she keeps on the site until she has her sites up and running then she is going to spring it on the net nuts she knows. She can??t wait to get it together to show off her site!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian Tramp Is Giving A Hot Blowjob Duration: 11:37 0%
Naughty Asian schoolgirl is a helper in the kitchens when she isnt at school. She is learning to be a cook and the best way to learn is to work at it. She is a horny little thing and spends her off time having fun with the boys. SInce she has a nice set of tits and is quite popular with her horny classmates. She enjoys sucking cock and getting it all on video for her website.

Sora Aoi Asian Model Shows Off Her Big Tits To Her Date Duration: 08:59 0%
Naughty Asian model enjoys having fun with her class mates. She shows off her titties and makes everyone else jealous. She is a maid in the hotel so she is around a lot and is becoming very well known both in and out of her clothes! She is getting quite a reputation as well as lots of footage for her yet to be launched websites. She should be well on her way to fun and fortune!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Masturbates With A Dildo Duration: 22:32 0%
Naughty Asian model is on the high school swim team. She enjoys showing off her big tits and letting everyone know she has the biggest tits on campus. They have cameras everywhere so she is always showing off even when there aren??t any cameras around. She has the hottest set of tits in the school and is always happy to flash them. After all she has to have something to hold her up when swimming!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian Schoolgirl Enjoys Getting A Hard Fuc... Duration: 27:10 0%
Naughty Asian schoolgirl is really playing hard after school. She has hooked up with the boys from gym class to give her pussy a good work out while waiting for the bus. She certainly gives them a great time and usually has a couple hours to fuck around before it is time for her to leave. She is going to be a bit too well known if she keeps up her itchy pussy parties.

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Fingers Her Wet Pussy Duration: 09:59 0%
This little Asian model in pink is smiling as she is fingering her white panties and showing off her big tits as she masturbates. She is a cute gal who is up for lots of sex when she can get it. She is a cheerleader who is also a nympho and she is also hot for teacher! She is a bar hopping Asian tramp who is very popular and always on the go. She is working hard collecting a lot of those surprise videos for her site!

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