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Sora is lovely in her sport uniform. She is into a lot of sports when she is at the college. She is a student in business classes so she can some day take over her Aunt´s shop in the mall. She works there part time and is also a waitress in the club near the mall, so she has everything within walking distance from where she stays. She has a cute face that makes her look younger than she really is but it is fun watching her on a date. The managers in the other clubs give her a hard time when she is out partying because she looks so young and innocent. But she is a wild girl when she goes out at night! She has sexy dresses that really show off her nice tits and firm ass that she gets from being on all those teams at college. She is popular with the guys because of her hot looks and her ability to actually talk about sports with them. And it doesn´t hurt that she is so hot to look at too! She is fun to watch when she is dancing on the stage too. She enjoys that just to be a cock tease! She is one hot chick!

  • Birthday: 1983-11-11
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 155cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 90cm Waist: 58cm Hips 83cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, billiards, drawing

Sora Aoi Recent Videos

Sora Aoi Hot Asian Schoolgirl Enjoys Getting A Hard Fuc... Duration: 27:10 0%
Naughty Asian schoolgirl is really playing hard after school. She has hooked up with the boys from gym class to give her pussy a good work out while waiting for the bus. She certainly gives them a great time and usually has a couple hours to fuck around before it is time for her to leave. She is going to be a bit too well known if she keeps up her itchy pussy parties.

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Fingers Her Wet Pussy Duration: 09:59 0%
This little Asian model in pink is smiling as she is fingering her white panties and showing off her big tits as she masturbates. She is a cute gal who is up for lots of sex when she can get it. She is a cheerleader who is also a nympho and she is also hot for teacher! She is a bar hopping Asian tramp who is very popular and always on the go. She is working hard collecting a lot of those surprise videos for her site!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Shows How She Sucks A Cock Duration: 10:45 0%
One evening this pretty Asian tramp came in the club and was sitting at the bar. Her friends were buying her drinks and she got pretty drunk and wanted to show off her talents. She produced a large dildo and began licking and sucking it until she had given every guy in the place a hard on. She wasnt interested in the real thing though and preferred to play with her plastic cock.

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian Babe SHows Off Her Big Tits And ... Duration: 15:09 0%
Naughty and sexy Asian teen has some big tits! I saw her on the cable channel one night and I was totally amazed at her big Asian tits! Her firm tits were round and seemed to be very firm and ready for anything as she fondled them and licked her own nipples. They are certainly big enough for fucking should her date want to do that. I am going to have to get her name and see if she makes public appearances!

Sora Aoi Hot Teen babe Enjoys Fucking WHen She Can Duration: 56:38 0%
Naughty and very popular this big boobed Japanese tramp enjoys giving titty fucks almost as much as she likes giving head. She is quite popular for her talents and is always busy. She runs her web site and posts all her naughty videos for the public to buy and she is making a good amount on them too! I think they married guys she fucks are the ones buying them up!

Sora Aoi SHows Off Her Big Tits And Gives Head Duration: 16:01 0%
I was shocked to see this picture on the private channel as I turned it on the other day. This hot Japanese babe in her red outfit was something to see! It gets better as she is getting it on with one of her guys. She is sexy and horny and in demand by the guys. She is one to cruise the clubs and gets plenty of attention. She definitely has a good thing going with her web cams!

Sora Aoi Nasty Japanese Fuck Doll Gets Pussy Licked Duration: 18:11 0%
Naughty big titted Asian fuck doll is playing doctor. SHe is an assistant to the doctor in the hotel. She enjoys helping out when the doc is busy and she takes her patients to the exam room for him. When it is a loing wait she entertains them with her big tits and hot pussy. Lots of these guys are going to the doctor just for the wait! It is amazing how these healthy guys are so ill suddenly!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Enjoys Giving Blow Jobs Duration: 40:10 0%
Horny Japanese babe can??t resist getting her mouth on a cock. She is a partier for sure! She also has web cams all over the place for her website. She has been making it for a while and it is almost ready to launch. She has been working as an escort and a waitress until her site launches and starts making her an income. THen she is going to quit and just run her sites.

Sora Aoi Hot Young Asian Tramp Loves Showing Off Duration: 09:19 0%
This lovely Japanese babe is a deli worker up the street from the club. She is well known for her big tits because they show all the time in the outfit she wears as a uniform. When she is off duty she is partying in the club to pick out a few willing guys to take home for the evening. That is when the schoolgirl uniform comes out and the fun starts.

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Enjoys Showing Off Her Body Duration: 15:29 0%
This horny Japanese teen is a maid in the hotels upstairs. She will waitress too if she is in need of the attention and tips. She has a nice set of tits that she shows off for her clients and that does wonders for her income base. She also likes to fuck and has plenty of dates for that. She likes to be the one on top so she can tease her guy with her big tits.

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Is Fondling Her Boyfriend Duration: 12:32 0%
Naughty office girl folds her guy at work. She caught hil on the job and decided to to a trick on him. She folfd him and ties him to the chair and sucks his cock. She winds up getting a face ful of cum for her efforts. Before she decided to do this she was bored with her job and really needed to lighten up the work!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Gets NAked For A Bath With ... Duration: 10:03 0%
This horny Japanese babe is a pro in her field. She spent long hours in school learning to me a maseusse. She is good at it and in demand for her whole body rubs. She likes to get naked and use her whole body for a massage when she rubs her naked tits on her guy??s unclothed back. She will get into fucking too when she is int he mood and of course when she needs new stuff for her web sites.

Sora Aoi Horny Asian babe Jumps On A Cock For A Quick R... Duration: 17:31 0%
Lovely Asian doll is a hot horny babe who is into cock riding. She has held several jobs in the city so she is well known for more than her tight ass. She has a web site that she likes toput her hidden web cam shots from her hot parties. Currently she is a waitress in the club and has a very busy ass! SHe will be busy for a while putting up her latest fuck flicks!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Rubs Her Tits And Sucks Coc... Duration: 09:49 0%
Naughty horny Japanese babe is showing off her hot lingerie as she is making out with her guy. She enjoys giving him a blowjob while showing off her abilities. She saves all the photos for hr web site that she is building. She is working on getting some videos together too and they will be lots more revealing than her photos are. I am sure she will be a hit once it is up and running.

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe Gets Her Tits Covered In Lu... Duration: 14:11 0%
Naughty Asia babe is enjoying getting her big tits covered in lube while she is teasing this horny guy in her black mini skirt. She is a bit of a and enjoys teasing the guys she dates. WHen she is out clubbing she is a real babe who takes on all the cock she can get. She has a personality that just grabs you by the balls and hangs on.

Sora Aoi Big Titted Asian babe Enjoys Being Tied Up Duration: 26:42 0%
Naughty Japanese tramp is into getting tied up and fucked while helpless. She evokes the need to be tied when she is out with her dates and they oblige her gladly. She gives a good blowjob too and while she is tied her cameras are running and getting it all for her website. She is a sneaky babe and you never know who will be on her site.

Sora Aoi Beautiful Asian Model Shows Off Her Large Boob... Duration: 09:56 0%
Sora is a lovely Asian doll who enjoys doing photo shoots for lingerie. She has a nice set of tits and really capitalizes on her looks. If she were a bit braver she could be a topless waitress and really make loads of money and get plenty of attention as well. She has a long line of guys who want to date her but so far they dont have what she is looking for-manners!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian model gets a hard pussy pounding Duration: 31:38 0%
This pretty Asian model got caught on camera when she was over her boyfriend´s hopuse for the weekend. He decided to have some fun and got really lucky because she was in the mood for lots of fun tonight. She shows off her lingerie and he gets his cameras rolling as she sucks him off and enjoys every second of the time they have. He gets some nice shots of her big tits and hairy pussy in close ups for his new collection of porn! He will put it up on his website eventually and everyone will see!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian chick enjoys rubbing her big tit... Duration: 11:01 0%
Sora is part owner in the adult shop in the mall. She is a party gal and enjoys showing off some of the shop´s new toys. She has a nice shot with the giant dildo before she takes on a horny partner for some titty fucking. When she is through here, she will go to her other job as a waitress. A lot of the guys know who she is by her face from the adult shop and they go to the club to see what else they can get her to do! Sometimes they get lucky and it is amateur night and they really get a show!

Sora Aoi Asian doll gets a hard fucking in all positio... Duration: 26:58 0%
Sora is a sweet Asian chick who is studying medical courses in college. She wants to be a nurse when her training is done. For now, she is a waitress in the club and gets a lot of tips from her horny patrons. She will show off her big tits and get them all riled up before the show comes on and then collect some big tips for her big tit shots. She allows the guys to take pictures and keep them for their oen persnal use. She also is making some videos too when she has the extra time!

Sora Aoi Pretty Asian chick enjoys a cock ride Duration: 14:20 0%
Sora is a hard working Asian student who is taking a massage class at the school. She enjoys showing her boyfriend the latest in what she has learned so she uses him as her practice dummy. He gets all the benefits of her learning hands as she learns the right way to use her hands to the best advantage. When she is tired of rubbing him they have some sex play and she will play with his cock and ride him while she is working up the the famous happy ending!

Sora Aoi Asian model shows off a big dildo she is licki... Duration: 14:57 0%
Sora is partners with her sister in an adult shop in the mall. She is one of the girls who likes to show off the new toys that are regularly sent in to the store for sale. There is a tape of her in there on the tv showing her demonstrating a large dildo as she is licking it and treating it like a real cock. If it were a real one it would be huge! She does an amazing job when she is making her films that she really should sell them too. I know she would definitely have plenty of interest!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian chick enjoys sucking cock Duration: 12:06 0%
Naughty Sora had this film made one night when her room mate decided she wanted to see what Sora did at night. She thought she was having parties but waited to see what she really was doing. Once she saw what was going on in the place when she was gone, she decided to leave the camera in to catch her room mate´s naughty fun with her lingerie and her horny boyfriend. SHe has gotten many hours now and is in he process of getting it all set up to sell!

Sora Aoi Japanese model enjoys a ride on a hard cock Duration: 11:34 0%
Naughty Sora really enjoys getting her guys hot with an oral massage and then a nice titty fucking. He is certainly one lucky dude with her around! She is a stripper in the club under the hotel, so she knows what she is doing! He comes in to watch her when she is on stage and he films her act too for her website. He has no idea that when she is with him it is all being taped as well! She hasn´t put it on the web because she wants to review it all and pick out the best scenes for her collection. He enjoys the attention she gives him when he is there and she flirts with him from the stage. He says it makes him hot to know she inly has eyes for him! It is a good thing he is never allowed in the dressing rooms or he would see a whole other side of this Japanese babe!

Sora Aoi Lovely Japanese doll shows off her big boobs Duration: 11:50 0%
Naughty Sora is getting well oiled in a swimming pool with a couple of her friends. She starts with a bathing suit but as she gets oiled, she is naked and her guys are having a great time with her slippery body. She has a nice set of big tits that they are enjoying fondling with the slick oil coating. She is getting her oily pussy fingered and she is enjoying that too even though she is sliding all over the place in the pool! Once she is naked it is really hard to grab onto her huge hooters when she is laughing and moving around. It is funny to watch this greased doll as her guys try to catch her and her boobs just slide out of their fingers. She is taping this for her web site just because it is entertaining to see and makes the guys want to try it with her like it was a carnival game!

Sora Aoi is a horny Japanese schoolgirl who enjoys mast... Duration: 14:19 0%
Naughty Sora is cleaning the class rooms after school. She is getting the room clean for the next days classes. While she is cleaning, she decides to take a break and sits down to play with her pussy. There is no one around, so she gets her dildo out to use while she is fingering her clit. She has a good time fucking with the dildo and is enjoying masturbating in the classroom. She will have to clean the desk again when she is done!

Sora Aoi Asian model shows off her perfect ass Duration: 31:23 0%
Pretty Asian model Sora is showing off her new bikini. Her boyfriend enjoys the show, but he is horny so he starts playing with her and soon she is showing her big tits and hairy pussy because he takes her bottoms off to lick it. She decides to suck his cock and then they are fucking. He gets her in both of her holes and pounds her good before pulling out and cumming all over her face!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian model gets a pussy poking with a ... Duration: 11:07 0%
Sora is dressed for her job as a geisha in the place she works. Her guy comes in to see her and they start fooling around and soon her big tits are showing and he is playing with her pussy through her panties. She is enjoying this, but he takes her panties off because he has brought a surprise with him, a big dildo! He plays in her pussy with it and enjoys her reaction to it as he works it in and out of her wet hole.

Sora Aoi Asian model gets her hot pussy licked Duration: 27:07 0%
After a tennis lesson, Sora is in the locker room with her boyfriend. He thinks she is sexy in her tennis dress and starts making out with her. Soon her big tits are exposed for fondling. He plays with her pussy before taking off her panties to get into her hole. He thinks it is tasty and licks her pussy in close ups before he sticks his hard dick in her wet hole for a hard fucking!

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian babe is masturbating in the lock... Duration: 07:19 0%
After a rousing game of soccer, Sora is in the locker room to change and shower before she goes to her other job. She is waiting for the shower when a friend gives her a new toy to play with. She rubs it over her crotch and liking it, she takes her panties off for a better feel on her wet pussy. She is enjoying her masturbation and anyone coming in will see her!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian model is fondling her big tits Duration: 05:11 0%
Pretty and horny, Sora is showing off her big tits and fondling them. She enjoys showing off, especially when she knows there is a camera around! She is a wild Asian babe who enjoys lots of sex. She is giving her guy a blowjob and deep throats his cock until he is ready to cum, when he does she likes to play with the sticky product she has on her hands and face!

Sora Aoi Asian teacher is sexy masturbating in the clas... Duration: 07:16 0%
Sora is a substitute teacher in the high school. She is there a few days a week and right now she is waiting for her class to come in. She is bored sitting there so she gives a show for the in house cameras. First she is fondling her big tits and showing them off. When she is done with that, she is fingering her pussy through her panties, but that isn´t enough so she takes them off so she can get her fingers deep into her wet snatch!

Sora Aoi Lovely Asian doll masturbates with big dildo Duration: 05:49 0%
Naughty Sora is a hot Asian chick who is playing with a new toy. She reads the directions, and then gives it the taste test. She gets her pussy nice and wet before putting the dildo in her hot hole for some nice masturbation time. She enjoys her newest toy and is happy to show off her pussy while she is using it! She is definitely going to keep this gem of a dildo!

Sora Aoi Asian model who enjoys her waitress job Duration: 19:47 0%
Hot Asian waitress Sora enjoys her job a lot. She has guys who like to see her in her uniform because of her stockings, which are very sexy to see. She is popular for her talents of sucking cock, and for her juicy pussy that she likes having fingered. She enjoys getting her pussy poked with a hot cock and sucking them too. She has lots of guys who want her just for her hot talents with a cock.

Sora Aoi hot model in sexy lingerie gives a sensual blo... Duration: 08:18 0%
Asian maid Sora is showing off her lovely tits while she is cleaning her boss´s office. She has found he has a hidden camera and she decided to give him a surprise when he checks it out later on. She enjoys her job and her boss, so she is hoping he will see her interest and maybe let her suck his cock on one of the days he is home! Once he gets alook at her hot tits, how can he refuse?

Sora Aoi Naughty Asian model is having fun with her doc... Duration: 10:55 0%
Sora is a lab assistant in the hospital. She is lovely and horny too! She is waiting for the doctor to come in´and she is bored with waiting. She starts touchng herself and is really into it, showing her shaved pussy as she gets it wet. She reaches on the desk and has a nice big pussy toy to play with while she is waiting. She has a fun time with her toy and her wet pussy!

Sora Aoi in unoiform gives a hot blowjob Duration: 07:15 0%
Naughty Sora is in the post office, she works sorting letters with her boyfriend. He stopped on lunch break to see her and he got horny! He has a thing for uniforms and with her big tits she is very sexy! He plays with her tits and they´re out for the world to see! She shows her beautiful tits as she is on her knees gicing him a hot cock sucking on their time together!

Sora Aoi Hot Asian babe gets her juicy pussy licked Duration: 35:44 0%
Sora is a lovely and wild Asian babe. She is here with her boyfriend and they are making out as he undresses her and you see her big round tits. He enjoys her tits and likes to use the vibrator on them to make her nipples stand up nice and hard. From there he will get the big vibrator out and use it on her pussy to get it all nice and juicy for the next thing he wants to do. They are in the 69 position and she is sucking his cock while he licks her wet pussy. They enjoy each other a lot and are frequently having sex and using toys too!

Sora Aoi Asian doll enjoys masturbating Duration: 13:34 0%
Naughty Sora is having some fun with her guy and a toy. She gets naked and shows off her nice tits before he starts playing with the vibrator he has brought to use on her wet pussy. They are both having a lot of fun with the toy they are using and she is enjoying the feeling of the vibrations on her clit so she can have a big orgasm!

Sora Aoi Sexy Asian doll who enjoys wild orgies Duration: 16:38 0%
Pretty Sora is a lovely and wild Asian doll. She has a nice set of firm tits that she enjoys giving titty fucks with and getting them fondled. She also is hot for the orgy scene and is with three guys here who are getting sucked off and played with. She is sucking two guys off and the third is playing with her sexy tits. They are ceratinly enjoying the talents of this incredible doll! This busty Asian chick in pink panties is good at group blowjobs!

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