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Yuma Asami

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Hot and lovely this Asian babe enjoys her work as a librarian during the day. But when the night comes and she is through there she dressesd for some partying and hits the clubs for some loud music and guys. She is a partier when she isn´t working her day shift and likes the hidden cameras when she is going back to her house for some fun with her date for the evening. She is a hottie and you can bet that anything she does will be on the web soon!

  • Birthday: 1987-03-24
  • Blood Type: NA
  • Height: 158cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 96cm Waist: 58cm Hips 88cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Playing piano and practising speaking english

Yuma Asami Recent Videos

Yuma Asami Asian babe enjoys a cock between her big tit... Duration: 14:28 100%
This hot Asian MILF is enjoying an afternoon surprise. Her boyfriend is over and she was out in her bikini. He takes her top off and lets her lovely big tits free to fondle them She gets his cock and slides it into her waiting mouth for a blow job and stops now and then to fuck her between her tits. She has huge tits that are pressed together for a little tittyfucking!

Yuma Asami Naughty Asian doll enjoys a rear fucking Duration: 11:02 100%
Naughty Yuma is enjoying some fun with her guys. She is on the sofa and getting her hairy pussy fingered and sucking cock before she gets a cum facial. She gets to do some cock riding and gets fingered before a doggy style fucking !

Yuma Asami Hot Asian doll rides a cock in different pos... Duration: 19:29 100%
Yuma Asami is a nice teen who likes hardcore action and lots of hand work. She gets and enjoys position 69 for a tongue deep in her slit. She sucks his cock and gets a cumshot in her mouth! Yuma Asami jumps her guy for a cock ride and he watches her boobs bounce!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian doll is a naughty Asian teacher in... Duration: 41:08 33%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian teacher. She enjoys showing off her hot tits in a see through blouse in class! She is having a time getting her pussy licked and showing her hairy pussy to her male students. She is becoming quite popular with her class teachings and all the guys like staying after school! Yuma Asami gives hot blowjobs and a cock ride that will not be forgotten!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian doll fondles guy in the shower Duration: 20:45 100%
Yuma Asami is a lovely Asian gal who works in the bathouse. She wears her bathing suit and helps the guys wash their backs and anything else they want her to do. She has nice big tits that she shows off and they guys enjoy it too. She winds up naked and showing off her hairy pussy while she is sucking his cock. Yuma Asami enjoys her sexy job!

Big Titty Yuma fucks a horny stud Duration: 37:51 100%
Yuma finds another English teacher that turns her on. This sexy American guy has her pussy wet. She tries to visit him more often and tells him she just cant grasp the English language. What Yuma really wants is his hard cock to pound her pussy. She shows him what she wants with her cum hungry mouth and he leaves her face covered in man goo.

Yuma Asami Hot Japanese model shows off her acting tale... Duration: 11:58 100%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian doll in her red lingerie. She has a foot fetish and likes to use her feet to jerk off her guys! She has big tits they enjoy licking and fondling before she gives a boob fuck, She enjoys riding cock and her guys watch her tits bounce! She gets her hairy pussy played with and enjoys it a lot. Yuma Asami is one hot horny gal!

Yuma Asami is a busty Asian chick who loves to fuck in ... Duration: 33:48 33%
Yuma Asami is a busty Asian chick who loves to fuck in all positions. In this threesome video starring Yuma Asami, a sexy and hot milf, it starts out by Yuma kissing a stud while she takes off her sexy lingerie to reveal her busty chest and nice ass. The studs she is with begin nipple pinching her, which really pleases her and makes her hornier. She then starts doing some hand work to these dudes as theyre fingering her pussy, then they begin cunt licking as well which makes her pussy wet enough to fuck. They then get into some hardcore action for a while, with some doggy-style sex and some dick riding too, as well as a hot boob fuck scene. The video ends with Yuma getting cum on her boobs and cum on her face.

Yuma Asami is a sexy redheaded Asian chick with nice, b... Duration: 16:03 100%
Yuma Asami is a sexy redheaded Asian chick with nice, big, round boobs. This sexy MILF starts off her porn video by kissing the stud she is about to fuck, all the while the camera is getting upskirt shots of her sexy ass. She then works her way down below his waist to begin cock sucking this dude until he is so rock hard that he may bust a nut at any second. She works on his dick with her mouth for a while, also using her hands to please him as well. Between the good cock sucking and hand work that this stud is getting, he begins to get close enough to wanting to bust a nut that he ends up letting her know he is ready, then he begins to shoot wads of cum all over her cute face.

Yuma Asami Hot Asian babe fingers her juicy snatch Duration: 14:42 50%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian milf who is a sexy teacher. She has big boobs and enjoys masturbating her pink pussy when she is alone. She is enjoying fingering her juicy snatch and playing with her clit. She does not know there is a spy cam taking pictures of her hot snatch as she is fingering it. She has an audience of one watching her as she is fungerfucking herself to orgasm! Yuma Asami is one hot Asian milf!

Sexy babe Yuma Asami gets her pretty face creamed Duration: 25:33 100%
Hot babe Yuma Asami is really into cock and cum and the busty office babe sucks on a banana as she prepares for the real thing. She loves to engage in a group fuck all of the time and the action is really intense. She performs a lovely double blowjob and the deep throat action is mindblowing. After a rear fuck and doggy-style the babe gets her entire face drenched in hot cum. I can tell you her entire face is creamed in jizz and it even s her.

Yuma Asami Kinky Japanese girl Duration: 13:38 100%
Yuma Asami is a hot teen who enjoys threesomes! She likes getting a hard cock in her hand to stroke. When he is ready to cum, he unloads his cum on her hands and in her tight mouth! She will enjoy the sperm on her hands before they have some real hard sex! Yuma Asami enjoys her threesomes and lots of cum!

Yuma Asami Japanese model is kinky Duration: 36:28 100%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian MILF. She has a nice busty form to show off when she is doing one of her favorite things: she enjoys having sex in public! She is in a studio and the camera is rolling as she kisses her boyfriend before starting in the threesome! She gets her hairy cunt licked and she sucks his cock and licks his balls until he lets her get on top and ride his cock like a pony! She cums, and he turns her thrusts his cock into her wet cunt from the rear! Yuma Asami is indeed a naughty Asian girl!

Yuma Asami showing off her fucking skills Duration: 42:50 100%
Yuma Asami is such a sexy horny that she thinks about fucking all day long no matter what. Here she is looking at hot as ever in her sexy lingerie and she does some really great posing and then she gets so fucking excited from shwoing off her hot busty cody that she gives the guy some amazing cock sucking and ends up dick riding him and getting in doggy-style position where the hardcore action is really intense.

Big Breasted Yuma Asami Bounces While She Rides Duration: 30:06 100%
Not only is Yuma Asami looking to massage his dick with her hands, she´s looking to ride that fuck stick until it erupts for her. She gets him rock hard when she´s jerking and sucking him off, and then we see her hopping on top of him and bouncing up and down on it, popping her big tits out of the top of her bra and giving him something to squeeze on.

Yuma Asami swallowing hard dick Duration: 20:56 100%
Here we have for you this really fucking hot milf Yuma Asami who is actually one of the hottest cock sucking hoes out there and that you will be seeing in the wildest fucking amateur action that will leave you spanking the monkey like there is no tomorrow. Dont waste any more time and watch this hottie in her office suit as you will be seeing her getting fucked in her ripped pantyhose and getting the nastiest cumshot that you could imagine.

Yuma Asami blowjob and hardcore action Duration: 26:12 100%
Have a look at this hot milf right here Yuma Asami, what a hot milf this babe is and how hot is she looking as a sexy teacher right here! This hot goes absolutely crazy in this hot action as you will be seeing her sucking dick like a wild woman and getting fucked in all sorts of positions ending the action by begging for cum all over her face.

Hot girl Yuma Asami teaching fucking Duration: 28:48 100%
Take a look at this hot milf with glasses, boy she is looking so damn fine as a sexy teacher right here. You will be seeing this kinky babe in some of the wildest group action where you will be seeing this fine looking babe in sexy lingerie fingering herself and sucking dick at the same time. Watch this hottie here receiving a nice rear fuck with dick riding and cum on her tits.

Hot milf Yuma Asami does handwork on cock and head fuck Duration: 21:53 100%
Yuma Asami naughty Asian milf is enjoying some hot sex with her horny guy. She is a busty gal and offers him a tit fucking. He enjoys this but likes it more when she stuffs his cock in her mouth for a headfucking! She slides her mouth up and down his cock along with a little hand work until he gives her a hot cumshot!

Chunky babe with huge boobs Yama Asami fucks after hot ... Duration: 26:43 100%
Chunky Yama Asami with her huge boobs is really hard to resist, and that´s why her friends is literally begging to lick her sexy body out. Starting with feet and boobs, he quickly finds his way to her pussy and get´s it all wet. That was her clues to drop the petting part and go straight to hard fucking

Busty Yuma Asami gets nailed in threesome Duration: 28:12 100%
Horny japanese milf Yuma Asami gets nailed and made to swallow huge load after having her tight pussy drilled in amazing threesome by young hunks with long dicks ready to fuck her deep and make her cum while swallowing their warm loads. She gets a real pussy pounding times three with this wild bunch!

Yuma Asami Duration: 23:51 0%
This Asian model has quite a reputation! She is lovely and horny. She works in the club as a waitress and bartender so she gets around a lot. She has been known to grab a guy and take him out back for her breaks now and then.She has been cought and photographed too and the pictures are on the web! She is working on her degree in finance so she can one day run her own business and have an all girl escort team. She doesn´t want to be helping out, just sitting on her pretty ass and sending her girls out!

Yuma Asami Naughty Asian Model Gets Her Hairy Pussy Lic... Duration: 29:20 0%
Naughty Yuma owns a bondage shot in the mall. She has lots of hot costumes and things to tie up with as well. She is lovely and in demand too when the shopping bug hits the horny guys in town. She has a once a month fashion show for the new clothing and the ties that bind as she says. Her shop is very popular with the college crowd and the underground partiers. She has posed several times herself too in her creations when she has the chance to. She is hoping to get a shop open on the web too for some added incomes.

Yuma Asami Horny Asian Model Enjoys A Good Pussy Lickin... Duration: 21:19 0%
Yuma is becoming the rubber queen of the private screen! I was checking through the channels last night, and came upon this unusual looking Asian model who had on what looked like latex. A guy came in and he was enjoying her body from the feet up! She appeared to be enjoying this also, so I decided to watch them for a while . She is lovely and enjoys getting her pussy licked by her guy as much as he likes getting sucked off. I had not seen a show like that in quiote some time, so it was a nice change!

Yuma Asami Lovely Asian Model Shows Off In Her Lingerie Duration: 14:44 0%
Yuma is an Asian model who works in the lingerie dept at the store in the mall. She has a lovely body to show off their items on and she really enjoys her job too. She is hoping to have a store of her own. She is so hot and popular with the guys she won´t even have to worry about money, they will buy her the outfits as long as she will model them for entertainment! She is very popular and pretty and she has learned her business classes in school so she should be able to start her own shop as soon as she has found a shop!

Yuma Asami Naughty Asian Model Enjoys Games Duration: 28:07 0%
Yuma is a pretty gal with a penchant for cosplay in rubber! She gets it all on hidden cameras and saves it for later when she can get to her web page and put it on. She is well known for her talents and her reputation is growing all the time. She has a closet full of tapes she has yet to have posted on the site to show off yet. She is always in the bondage shop to get the newest clothing they have so she can keep her guys all surprised when she shows up in the latest creations from the rubber store. She is getting more popular all the time!

Yuma Asami Lovely Asian model has great looking boobs Duration: 35:05 0%
Yuma used to be a waitress here in the club when she was going to school . She was very popular and comes back now and then to visit and check out how things are going. When she comes in the club usually fills up fast with her friends. She calls them all and lets them know when she is going to visit so they can all see her. She left to be an actress and is now the girlfriend of this rich guy who just gave her a birthday gift of a pair of boobs! She came back to show them off to her friends!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian model enjoys lots of cock Duration: 31:57 0%
Naughty Yuma has a reputation as being easy with the guys. She has a nice set of boobs that they all like to play with. Her regular boyfriend enjoys getting a titty fucking from her when she is over for the night. He has taped a lot of their sexy sessions and put them on the web so everyone knows who she is when they go out. He has had a few fights over her when they go out if another guy makes a pass at her!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian model gives a blow job on the bus Duration: 21:34 0%
Yuma was riding the bus home from the market the other day. She had been shopping for the house and got on the bus and sat down. Next stop a businessman got on and sat next to her. He started to talk to her and things got heated and he grabbed her to make her suck his cock until he came in her mouth. She was disqusted totally and tried not to puke when he squirted in her mouth! She composed herself and got of at the next stop vowing never to take the bus again!

Yuma Asami Asian model with big tits gives a hot blow j... Duration: 16:06 0%
Yuma is a retured dancer who now lives a quiet life of a house wife. She has a nice set of tits that she is still proud of and she enjoys showing them off when she can. Walking home one night from a friends house she was grabbed by some guy and he made her suck his cock. She did as she was told and showed off her nice tits while he was being sucked off. When he was done he came in her mouth and let her go. He said he will see her again but she has decided this isn´t happening!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian model is fucked hard in a bathroom Duration: 20:29 0%
Yuma is an Asian schoolgirl who had the unfortunate adventure of going to the bathroom in school. She was in there minding her own business and suddenly the door was kicked in and she was to have sex with a strange guy she had never seen before. She agreed only so she wouldnt be beaten up or worse. Then she got away from him and went home to call the police and gave her story to them and they are looking for him now.

Yuma Asami Hot Asian model spreads her legs for sexy fu... Duration: 23:29 0%
Yuma is an Asian colleger student who fell on the couch in her friends room. While she was another friend came in and decided to have a little fun with her. He decided to play with her while she was and would up having sex with her. She wasn´t too happy when she woke up and he was shocked as well. He thought she was someone else and was pulling a nasty trick on her. But she got up and he ran out before she saw who it really was!

Yuma Asami Asian model is giving a titty fucking to her... Duration: 15:57 0%
Yuma is an Asian model in the hotel dress shop. Now and them she will model lingerie and she gets to take the sexy suits home. Her boyfriend likes checking out the new stuff and he gets horny when he does. She will do most anything he is interested in unless she is in a hurry for an appointment. She works a lot and so she fits her boyfriend in when she can. She leaves him photos of the clothes she can´t take home so he has something to keep him company while she is away.

Yuma Asami Asian model gets a hard fucking in the pool Duration: 26:56 0%
This naughty Asian teen is practicing in the pool for an upcoming swimming competition. Her boyfriend comes by to watch her practice and chee her on. After watching her for a while he is honry and decides to jump in with her for a little fun. They are fucking and she is sucking his cock and having a great time until they dizcover they are being watched on the security cameras in the area! She can´t get the film so she has to assume the guards are having a great time in the office checking it out!

Yuma Asami Japanese maid with big tits like to play wit... Duration: 28:35 0%
Yuma is a lovely Asian girl with a big set of tits. Her boyfriend is very glad she likes to share her boobs with him, and with the rest of the world, but he is unaware of that part of the deal! He is going to be quite happy and distracted with her so I know he won´t be looking for cameras around when they are fucking up a storm. She is lovely and an insatiable gal who loves fucking. She is getting to be well known by her web adventures and they are growing all the time!

Yuma Asami Asian doll likes getting her hairy pussy lic... Duration: 21:55 0%
Yuma is a college girl who is also a hot Asian model. In her spare time she enjoys partying and having her wicked threesomes. She likes two guys at a time to keep occupied when she is in the mood for a party and a taping. She has lots of videos on the web and more in the near future for her site. She sometimes works as a waitress to pass out her cards so the guys can go check her out and watch her hot stuff as it is made live! When she graduates, she is going to be managing the website herself for her boyfriend!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian model gets a facial Duration: 13:16 0%
Yuma is one of the Asian models who own a website for videos. She hides cameras and gets her guys live on the cameras! They aren´t aware she is taping them when they are having so much fun with her hot pussy and anus they don´t realize she is being sneaky! She has a hot body and a nice talented mouth too so they really like getting her for the night. When she is through , they usually take a nap and while they are doing that she is uploading the new video to her site! She is a naughty girl!

Yuma Asami Asian model enjoys a wild orgy Duration: 30:58 0%
Naughty Yuma enjoys her guys in pairs! She is a busty gal who simply enjoys fucking , and even giving double blowjobs when she is asked to. Before she goes for a cock ride, she gives them both handjobs to keep them happy while waiting for their turn in her hot hairy pussy. When the second guy comes in he mounts her from the rear in doggy style for a hard pussy pounding fuck! She likes ending her days covered in cum!

Yuma Asami Asian model gives an amazing blowjob! Duration: 09:39 0%
Yuma is a busty Asian milf who enjoys her sex! She really enjoys sucking cock and giving handjobs to her dates. She has a crowd of guys ready for her talents tonight. She is going to be one busy gal with all these guys waiting for a gangbang! She is going to be one hot item and have a tired pussy when she is done with these guys!

Yuma Asami Asian doll is fucked in missionary position Duration: 36:30 0%
Yuma is the queen of cum! She is an expert at handjobs and giving double blowjobs,! She is a busty gal and it is a good thing since these guys enjoy tit squeezing and playing with her hairy pussy. She gets into riding cock too and they all take a turn in her pussy to get her nice and gooey with spoent semen from all the fucking and sucking she is doing!

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