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Hot and lovely this Asian babe enjoys her work as a librarian during the day. But when the night comes and she is through there she dressesd for some partying and hits the clubs for some loud music and guys. She is a partier when she isn´t working her day shift and likes the hidden cameras when she is going back to her house for some fun with her date for the evening. She is a hottie and you can bet that anything she does will be on the web soon!

  • Birthday: 1987-03-24
  • Blood Type: NA
  • Height: 158cm
  • Body Measurements: Bust: 96cm Waist: 58cm Hips 88cm
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Playing piano and practising speaking english

Yuma Asami Recent Videos

Yuma Asami enjoys a rough fucking in her sexy lingerie ... Duration: 32:01 71%
Yuma Asami enjoys a rough fucking in her sexy lingerie and never stops wanting more. This wild MILF is an excellent example of a sexy teacher whose busty tits you just want to grab. She makes sure they´re noticed by everyone she sees, including the school principal and the adult students she teaches as well. In this video she takes off her sexy stocking and her red lingerie to reveal her sexy body that is completely unclothed. The action starts out with some cock sucking and cunt licking and progresses into hot pussy stimulation and even some hardcore action like dick riding and hot doggy style sex with some tit squeezing and masturbation as well. The video ends with some hot cum in mouth action where Yuma gets to taste the deliciousness of warm man cream.

Yuma Asami gets fucked by mature guy on a bus in public Duration: 24:12 84%
Hot Japanese MILF Yuma Asami is travelling home on the bus. She likes to sit at the back of the bus, so ends up next to a mature guy. He sees her sexy legs under her short skirt, and her big tits stretching her blouse and feels very horny. When he has a rub of her tits she loves the attention she is getting, and can´t wait for some hardcore 60 action and dick riding with the horny guy, even though they are fuking in public on the bus, she loves it, and can´t get enough of his cum to swallow.

Yuma Asami hot public sex in a bus Duration: 14:22 86%
What a fine looking looking hot milf this babe Yuma Asami, she is not just a pretty face, she could fuck at any sort of place that you could imagine. here you will be seeing this fine looking babe at a public place in her sexy stockings as a sexy teacher giving the hottest hand job with great work and she gets cum on her ass.

Yuma Asami Lovely Asian babe has sex outside Duration: 14:03 83%
Yuma is getting on the subway to go home. As the train goes underground the guys around her are putting their hands under her mini skirt for something to do on the ride. One of the guys jerks off on her and she has cum running down her leg before the train stops.

Yuma Asami Asian model has sex in the gorcery store Duration: 17:56 88%
Yuma is a pretty Asian model who likes to shop for her mother before going home. She was shopping for the night´s food and ran into a couple guys from college. They were both pretty loaded and decided to give her a bad time. They are playing with her in the vegetable isle and they get carried away with it and soon she is getting fucked in frozen foods! It was a definite interesting adventure but not one she was really into!

Superb Yuma Asami enjoys a group fucking Duration: 31:51 100%
Arousing Japanese milf Yuma Asami loves getting fucked hard by naughty teens with large cocks, ready to penetrate her hairy pussy and fill her mouth in amazing hardcore Asian group sex session She fucks in this wild gang and has many orgasms in this gangbang!.

Yuma Asami Naughty Asian babe gets sex in public Duration: 17:42 100%
Yuma is a hot milf. She is waiting to get on the bus after work so she can go home, and she is felt up by a guy on the bus. He lifts her skirt and plays with her hairy pussy and gets in a rear fuck without anyone knowing that is on the bus. The people in the back of the bus got an eyeful when he showed her hairy pussy to them!

Yuma Asami Lovely Japanese babe gets a hard fucking Duration: 31:10 71%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian milf who is also a sexy teacher. She is spending the day with her younger boyfriend and he is enjoying her big boobs and sexy lingerie and stockings. She is kissing him and giving some hand work before she takes his cock in her talented mouth and deep throats it before licking it all over. He decides he wants more of her pussy so they get position 69 and he is licking her wet cunt to make sure she is nice and juicy for the hardcore action to come! She is done with getting him hard, and she gets on top of him and inserts his cock in her wet hole. Her guy likes this so he can see her big tits bouncing! He moves her to her hands and knees and thrusts his hard cock deep in to her juicy pussy for a doggy fucking before he pulls out and she gets his cock in her mouth and she can taste her pussy before he pulls out again and cums on her pretty face! Yuma Asami knows her stuff when it comed to bedroom lessons!

Yuma Asami Lovely Asian doll rides a hard cock Duration: 21:51 100%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian milf who enjoys lots of hard sex. She is a busty girl with a nice ass and she is good at hand work too. She is kissing her guy and playing with his cock and sucking him . When she is done handling his hard cock, she will go for a dick ride and he will grab her ass abd insert his cock from the back for a doggy style fucking! Yuma Asami enjoys the rear fucking and the deep penetration!

Yuma Asami gets fucked by two guys while wearing a scho... Duration: 35:53 100%
Yuma Asami gets fucked by two guys while wearing a school uniform in this Japanese group sex porn video. Yuma Asami is a sexy milf who likes to roleplay and in this video she wears a school uniform to make the guys think they´re fucking a hot, sexy teacher. This group fuck video starts off with some hot hand work with Yuma jerking these studs off, all the while the dudes are tit sucking and fingering her pussy, and even giving her a good cunt licking. After she does some cock sucking for a bit the hardcore action starts with her being fucked in a few different positions, from dick riding to doggy style and a hot rear fuck. She gets a really good, hard fucking right before the dudes cum all over her face.

Yuma Asami engages in wild office sex with no limits Duration: 28:57 80%
Hot milf Yuma Asami is he type of that everyone sucks up to in the office because she looks really babety and sexy in an office suit. The babe doesnt fuck everyone but when she does the fuck sessions are unforgetable. The busty gets loves kissing and fingering herself and she gets really moist before the cock sucking and doog-style fucking commences. She gets fucked by heaps of dudes and then tells them to explode all over her pretty face. This but doesnt spit, but always swallows.

Kinky office babe Yuma Asami gets pounded like mad Duration: 14:57 80%
Hot babe Yuma Asami looks stunning in her office suit and the hot looks even better with no panties. She is really horny and is in need of a good lesson, so she meets up with dudes that are willing to fuck the living daylights out of each and every one of her tight holes. The gets nailed in her hairy pussy and after some great cock sucking she opens her mouth as wide as possible and gets shot by a massive load of cum. The cumshot was simply amazing.

Yuma Asami Asian doll has public sex Duration: 30:04 100%
Yuma is a sexy doll who is going home on the bus. She is seen by several guys from where she works and they decide to have some fun on the bus with her. She gets her big tits exposed and fondled and licked before she gets a hard rear fucking in the back of the bus!

Yuma Asami Female Asian teacher is fucked hard Duration: 24:20 75%
Yuma Asami is in the principals office for a meeting. She is a lovely Asian teacher who enjoys her job. She is made to show her white lingerie and her big tits to the principal and his assistant. She has a hairy pussy that gets lots of fingering as she is sucking cock and getting cum on her face. She gives a boob fucking and then she is taken from the rear doggy style! Yuma Asami didnt plan on this kind of meeting!

Yuma Asami Busty Asian doll in school uniform Duration: 20:01 75%
Yuma Asami is a nice Asian teen in her school uniform. She has two guys for a hot threesome! This busty babe shows her fine ass in upskirts shots before she gets some hand work in on their cocks to get them nice and hard. She is giving them a double handjob before she sucks their cocks and deep throats them for a load of cum in her pretty mouth! Yuma Asami enjoys her guys and all the hard cock she can eat!

Yuma Asami is a sexy Asian milf who loves having sex wi... Duration: 33:16 60%
Yuma Asami is a sexy Asian milf who loves having sex with multiple men at once. She is wearing a sexy dress in this video, with black stockings, and starts off the video by kissing and loving up against a couple horny studs. She is a busty babe with a nice ass thats perfect for grabbing and touching. She loves having a wild gang bang with multiple men and doesnt let anything hold her back from getting all of the pleasure she thinks she deserves, including hot hardcore action, pussy fingering, pussy stimulation, cock sucking, dick riding, and being fucked really hard doggy-style, hard enough to make her moan out loud in pleasure. She loves all this hardcore action and can never seem to get enough of it, even after a multiple cumshot.

Wild babe Yuma Asami enjoys Duration: 27:48 60%
Reon Otawa is a hot milf that loves public sex and that would have to be one of the horniest hardcore action babes that I know. Here you will see this in a serious group fuck session as she does some dildo sucking and then does the real thing on penis with some amazing cock sucking skills. The dick riding action here is truly mind blowing as the ends up getting cum on butt and cum on face.

Yuma Asami Asian babe gets fucked in the bathroom Duration: 30:10 100%
Yuma Asami is a hot Asian MILF in her sexy lingerie! She is in the bathroom getting ready to bathe when her guy joins her for some soapy sex! He soaps her big tits and nice round ass while fondling them. They move to the pool and she is playing with his cock and inserts it into her sexy mouth for some deep throat face fucking! She gets into hardcore action and mounts him for a cock ride before he wants to give her a doggy style fucking and bang her good before she takes his cock into her mouth again and gets a load of cum in her mouth to play with! Yuma Asami is a lovely and horny Asian MILF enjoying some good clean fucking!

Yuma Asami enjoys some public fucking Duration: 29:30 100%
Check out this hot milf in sexy lingerie right here and black stockings, she is such a fucking hot hairy pussy babe that really likes to gobble cock and here you will be seeing that this babe likes to end off her action in style with lots of dick riding and she ends up getting cum all over her face and in her mouth too.

Hot milf in sexy costume Yuma Asami doggystyle action Duration: 27:29 100%
Yuma Asami naughty hot milf is in her sexy gear for a little tie up and tease. She can't move while her guy stuffs his cock in her mouth for a headfuck! He decides to fuck her cleavage before grabbing her ass and stuffing his dick in for a doggy style fucking!

Lovely Yuma Asami receives a nice rear fucking Duration: 38:37 75%
Yuma Asami is a hot Japanese milf making out with her hot guy. He is more than ready to stimulate her nice pussy and get her in position 69 to lick her tempting cunt while she swallows his cock! He gets her in position for a doggy style fucking and bangs her pussy nice and hard!

Yuma Asami is a sexy Asian chick with giant boobs that ... Duration: 13:40 50%
Yuma Asami is a sexy Asian chick with giant boobs that look so fuckable. In this Asian porn video, this hot MILF is in uniform as a sexy teacher who wants to give her student a lesson in what it´s like to have hot sex with a wild Asian woman. She starts out the video by teaching him something then soon after that he is taking her shirt off to play with her busty boobs. She lets him slide down to her hairy cunt where he starts licking and sucking on her pussy lips. He sticks his cock into her mouth and makes his teacher suck his cock all the way until he is ready to blow a load, then he teaches her a little bit about what it´s like to get cum in her mouth and face!

Yuma and Reiko Naughty Asian Models Get Fucked Hard Duration: 55:37 50%
These two lovely Asian models were having a nice time for themselves before being invited to a party. They wnt only to discover that they were the guests of honor. It was a gangbang party that they were invited to! Once they were over the shock f it all they got into the spirit of the fling and more or less enjoyed themselves before going back to their loives. Both girls decided that they would no longer just trust someone on their word any more. They are quite happy doing their modeling gig for the lingerie shop and coming down to the club after work for social time!

Yuma Asami Asian babe has hot sex in the toilet Duration: 14:05 67%
Yuma is a naughty and horny Asian chick. She is in a bathroom with her guy and he wants her to suck his cock right there in the public bathroom. She takes his cock in her mouth and swallows his cock for a nice deep throat sucking. She is hoping someone comes in and catches them in the act as he shoots his load in her mouth!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian doll has a juicy pussy Duration: 42:28 100%
Yuma Asami is a nice Asian teen in a sexy costume. She enjoys kissing and getting her hairy cunt licked. She enjoys some ass licking and sucking cock in position 69. She gets into hardcore action and rides a cock after sucking cock and getting cum on her pretty face. Yuma Asami is a popular Asian teen who enjoys lots of hardcore fucking!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian doll enjoys showing off her hot as... Duration: 11:36 67%
Yuma Asami is a hot Japanese milf. She is a horny gal who likes to pose and show off her sexy body. She is nude and showing off her nice tits and ass along with her nice inviting cunt. Yuma Asami is a hot model who enjoys her photo shoots, especially when she is nude!

Yuma Asami Asian beauty enjoys a rear fucking Duration: 30:36 100%
Yuma Asami is a nice teen who is sexy in her school uniform. She is getting some upskirts shots with the spy eye and it is showing off her sexy lingerie. She is kissing her guy and he is appreciating her busty look and fingering her pink pussy before he puts his face in her snatch to lick her slit. She takes his cock and inserts his hard cock into her talented mouth for a deep throat sucking. She also licks and sucks his balls before they get into the hardcore action of a rear fucking! She gets a hard fucking and ends her date with cum on her pretty face! Yuma Asami is a talented Asian doll!

Big tits Yuma Asami hardcore sex Duration: 35:14 100%
Yuma Asami would have to be the horniest and kinkiest hot milf that I have ever seen in my life and you will think exactly the same after you see this hard fucking session right here. This hottie is looking amazing in her sexy lingerie and she gets so exciting knowing that she is being filmed in camera that she shows off her nice ass while she does cock sucking by spreading it wide open. After that she moves on to the dick riding and gets cum on boobs!

Fetish and kinky Asian babe Yuma Asami cock sucking and... Duration: 26:22 100%
Check out this hot milf that we have for you right here, boy she is fine. One of the hottest looking chicks with huge boobs that you will ever see and here you will be seeing those nice big boobs of hers bouncing all over the place as you will be seeing her in hardcore action getting fucked in all sorts of positions ending with cum on her face.

Hot milf Yuma Asami in bondage lingerie gets her head f... Duration: 42:43 100%
Yuma Asami hot Asian milf in bondage costume is teased while playing slave! She gets her pink pussy spread wide and licked before she licks his balls and sucks his dick in one hot head fuck. He get sher in position for a rear fucking and smashes her wet pussy!

Busty hot Asian milf Yuma Asami cock sucking and dick r... Duration: 25:10 50%
Yuma Asami amazing hot Asian milf shows her sporty girl side while sitting on her guy's face for a pussy licking. She sucks his cock in position 69 while listening to his moans of pleasure. She jumps his cock for a ride and undulates in his lap before getting his load of cum on her sexy face!

Lovely Yuma Asami hot milf takes sexy bath Duration: 10:16 100%
Yuma Asami amazing Asian milf is in the bath when her guy shows up. He joins her and is soon fingering both her holes from the rear. He likes the feel of her wet body as she turns and engulfs his cock for a deep throat blowjob while he moans in pleasure!

Yuma Asami Asian beauty shows off her round ass Duration: 39:57 100%
Yuma Asami is a nice Asian teen. She is in the classroom after school and her boyfriend comes in to give her a massage. She is enjoying the relaxing massage and she decides when he is done fondling her big tits, she is going to give him a hand job. He gets nice and hard before she inserts his cock in her mouth and she is sucking it hard and deep into her throat. He wants to fuck her big tits and she holds them together so he can fuck them hard. She gets more fingering, then she is mounted doggy style for dome deep penetrating thrusts of his cock. She gets on him from the top and impales herself on his big dick. and has an orgasm! Yuma Asami finishes her date with a load of cum on her face!

Yuma Asami Reiko Makihara A Bad Wedding Day For The Lov... Duration: 40:11 50%
Pretty Asian model is getting ready for her big day. She is excited and happy she is finally getting married to the guy she has dated for so long. They are alone and get carried away though and wind up in bed together before the big day. The are getting married soon though so they will not tell anyone of the mistake they made so no one else will know. The happy couple went on to have a lovely day when they did get married and no one was the wiser.

Yuma Asami Busty Asian model enjoys showing off her big... Duration: 33:08 100%
Asian model Yuma enjoys showinf off her big boobs. She is also good at tittyfucks and her boyfriends enjoy it a lot. She has her adventures on the web, sometimes even in live action if she is at home with a date. They all prefer their cocks between her tits before a blowjob or a hard fucking! She is a student at the college and is studying massage so she really knows how to please when she is having sex. Her guys show off her pictures all the time and she is getting quite popular!

Yuma Asami Naughty Asian model enjoys older men in the ... Duration: 11:47 100%
Yuma is a nurses helper in the retirement home. She once in a while gets a rich old dude who wants a little more than a bath. She came to the club after work and was telling us about this guy who she thought was a harmless guy. It turned out that he was a horny old man and he made a proposition she couldn´t refuse. She gave him what he wanted and would up with much more than a week´s paycheck! Now she is thinking she should do this while working and make a huge amount of cash!

Yuma Asami Asian model gets big tit fondling and a pus... Duration: 12:54 100%
Naughty Asian model is enjoying the fun she has showing off her big tits in her sexy lingerie. Her boyfriend enjoys it too since he gets the benefits of her hot body. She will soon have lots of her vidoes and photos on the web through a web magazine that is paying her nicely to record all her adventures when she is wearing the lingerie and showing off her big tits. He will be surprised when he finds he too is going to be well known on the web !

Yuma Asami Lovely Asian model is hot for sex Duration: 47:38 100%
Yuma is a secretary in the offices in the building next door. She works hard at her job and parties hard when she has the chance to. She is a club kid and enjoys the atmosphere and of course, the guys! She is an amateur in the porn industry and she is always looking for volunteers to help her practice her lines. She doesn´t have a lot of lines but the practicing is the fun part! She gets a lot of guys who want to help her out even if she is taping it for her own use on her website!

Yuma Asami Hot Asian doll shows off her nice tits Duration: 17:11 100%
Yuma is a naughty Asian model. She works in the hotel shop and gets to show off lots of sexy clothes and lingerie. She sometimes wears them to club amateur night when she is in the mood to play stripper for the extra cash she gets when she wins. She also enjoys her boyfriend at home after he comes in from his job as a bar tender at the club. He gets all horny because he was watching her and the other girls, so she takes care of him at night!

Yuma Asami Sweet Asian model enjoys her bathroom with a... Duration: 33:48 50%
Yuma was at home taking her day off. Her friend came over while she was getting ready for a bath. He played with her hot tits for a while, then they wee in the shower all soapy while they had sex. He pounded her pussy good and then she sucked him off. She filled the tub and they got in it for some more sexy fun, getting water and soap all over her floor. They had a good time and he was not aware of the camera in the medicine chest that she had put in just before he got there. She was going to take a bath on camera, but this was much better!

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